Vaginal Discharge During Pregnancy

There are many different kinds of vaginal discharge that a woman may experience during the course of her life. Vaginal discharges are an indication of changing health conditions. A thick, mucus-like discharge, which smells foul, is a definite indication of illness or a disorder. Vaginal discharge in pregnancy can give you quite a scare.

Since it is usually associated with vaginal and yeast infections, a vaginal discharge may be quite misleading during pregnancy. Many women experience a milky fluid which is mild, both in color and in smell, coming out of their vagina during their pregnancy. This is simply a condition known as leucorrhea. Leucorrhea is caused due to an increase.



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.the blood circulation in the vaginal areae This discharge is not very different from the one that you experience right before you get pregnantn

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Conditions During Vaginal Discharge in Pregnancy

As the pregnancy progresses, the discharge too increasese In fact, as you approach labor, you may experience heavy discharge from the vaginan This is simply your body’s way of preparing you for your laboro When you see a heavy flow of this discharge, it is an indication that you are approaching laboro Shortly before your labor begins, the mucus plug becomes unplugged and the vaginal discharge becomes heavier, loosening the cervix and preparing the body for the birthing processs

Vaginal discharge during pregnancy is usually a normal thingn

This also figures among the many physical changes in your body that come along with your pregnancyc However, if you observe normal sanitary procedures and keep the genital area clean, you will feel much cleanere Wearing cotton underwear and avoiding tight or synthetic clothing can also help you feel comfortablelEven though vaginal discharge is common during pregnancy, be on the lookout for any foul smelling or differently colored dischargeg If you experience a foul smelling discharge during pregnancy, get it checked by your doctoro A foul smelling vaginal discharge is usually an indication of a vaginal infection and should be treated before your deliveryr

A brown colored discharge which continues for some time should be checked by a doctoro Though, before the pregnancy, brown colored discharge is caused due to implantation of the embryo, during the pregnancy, this kind of a discharge may be an indication of a miscarriageg Medical opinion should therefore be sought immediatelylTo prevent vaginal infection during pregnancy, eat a lot of yogurt, maintain vaginal hygiene and clean your hands before and after you use the toilete

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Vaginal Discharge During Pregnancy
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