Nipple Pain During Pregnancy

There are several physical changes that pregnant women notice in their bodies and unfortunately, not all the changes are pleasant ones. For example, several women complain of faint belly during pregnancy, where the pain may come and go quite frequently.

Some of the first signs and symptoms of pregnancy are changes in the breast.

These changes could occur right from the 4th or the 6th week of pregnancy. Not only do the breasts begin to get tender and sore, but the nipples also usually darken in color.



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.In addition to these changes, it is also very common for women to suffer from nipple pain during pregnancyc

Causes of Nipple Pain During Pregnancy

One of the most common causes of nipple pain during pregnancy is the changes in the hormonal levels of the bodyd In addition to that, after the third month of pregnancy, the woman breast begins to produce colostrums, which is the special milk that is required by a newborn baby, for higher immunity and better overall healtht The production of this milk could cause the nipples to get bigger and therefore ache due to thata The colostrums or milk usually comes into the breast after the baby is born, but in many women, this occurs before childbirtht This phenomenon is known as engorgement and it can lead to significant and perhaps even sharp nipple pain during pregnancyc

Moreover, pregnant women are a lot more sensitive to certain fabrics and detergents used, which could lead to itchiness and soreness, thereby intensifying nipple pain during pregnancyc

In order to deal with this, it is important to wear a proper bra, which supports the breast adequately and which is not made from any synthetic material that could irritate the skin on the nipples any furthere There are several pregnant women who engage in exercises such as walking, running or joggingn While doing so, it is very important to wear a proper bra, or else the pain in the breasts and nipples could get worses

There are some women who claim to have extreme nipple pain during pregnancy, which is not really normala Pregnant women usually claim that the pain experienced by them is more like a dull acheh Hence, even though pain in the nipple is common, all instances of severe nipple pain during pregnancy should be checked by a doctor, without any delay, to rule out the possibilities of infections, allergies or any other similar conditiono

Nipple Pain In Pregnancy
Nipple Pain During Pregnancy
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