Cervix Bleeding During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, your entire body is geared to nourishing the baby. Your monthly periods stop, in order to prevent any blood loss. But many women experience slight bleeding from cervix during the first few months of pregnancy. This is usually a brown spotting, which may stain the underwear or be noticed on the toilet paper, while wiping. If it is slight and infrequent there is no cause for worry, but in case of more frequent and heavier bleeding, it is best to consult your doctor immediately in order to rule out any serious problem, since this could also signal the start of a miscarriage. The cervix is the small opening from the vagina into the uterus. In a woman who has never had a vaginal delivery, it can be as small as a pinhead...


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...only large enough to allow menstrual blood to flow out. When a woman becomes pregnant, this opening becomes closed with a small mucus plug. It dilates again only when the body signals that the baby is about to be delivered.

Reasons for Cervix Bleeding During Pregnancy

When you become pregnant, your body undergoes hormonal changes, which cause the cervix to change, so that it can accommodate the growing baby. Blood flow to the cervix increases, sometimes leading to slight bleeding. Read more on friable cervix

Pregnancy causes the cervix to become softer. Sometimes the cervix may get inflamed during a pelvic exam or when having intercourse, leading to a condition called bleeding cervix pregnancy. It usually lasts just a few hours and is very light, turning brown in a few days.

Polyps in the vagina may also lead to bleeding during pregnancy. The increased metabolism during pregnancy, causes polyps (which are small pieces of tissue) to grow inside the vagina, and these may either start bleeding on their own, or if rubbed during intercourse. This is not serious and the polyps usually become smaller in size or disappear altogether after the pregnancy is over.

Another reason for bleeding from cervix during pregnancy could be due to cervical ‘erosion’. In this, the cervix becomes inflamed, and acquires a very rough appearance, much like minced meat. Cervical erosion is usually caused by using an intra-uterine device or some infection like venereal warts (caused by the human papilloma virus) or chronic yeast or bacterial infections.

Most bleeding during pregnancy occurs because of some problem in the vagina or cervix and not because of any problem in the placenta or the growing fetus. But, if you are not a medical specialist, it is difficult for you to ascertain the cause. If the bleeding is heavy and continuous, consult your doctor.

Cervix Bleeding When Pregnant
Cervix Bleeding Pregnancy
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