Kidney Failure During Pregnancy

All the systems in the body undergo a lot of change once a woman gets pregnant. One of the many changes that happen is changes to the kidney and the renal system. The kidney grows about 1 to 1.5 centimeters. The renal plasma flow also increases considerably in the first two trimesters.

Women with chronic kidney problems should be aware that there are all kinds of risks for them when they get pregnant. Chronic health problems like diabetes and hypertension can often lead to kidney problems, especially in pregnant women as the body is working harder to provide for baby. A poor diet, smoking, drinking, excess use of antibiotics and illegal drugs, all can lead to kidney problems during pregnancy.


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During the constant excess fluid in the mother’s body, she could have high blood pressure through the pregnancy. Acute renal failure is a real threat for pregnant women with chronic kidney disease.

Kidney failure while pregnant can be quite painful. Kidney failure is quite rare in pregnant women and if it happens, it can occur during early or late pregnancy. Different disorders are responsible for kidney failure depending on which stage of the pregnancy it occurs. Renal failure in early pregnancy can be caused by prerenal azotemi a, acute tubular necrosis and renal cortical necrosis all of which can cause spontaneous abortion.

Kidney failure in late pregnancies is usually caused by preeclampsia and other eclampsia related disordres. Other causes include acute tubular necrosis which also causes kidney failure in early pregnancies and acute fatty liver which can lead to a kidney failure in pregnancy.

Pregnancies in women with existing chronic kidney disease can also lead kidney failure.

Signs of kidney failure during pregnancy can be monitored with signs of preeclampsia like headache, abdominal pain, chest pain and visual differences. Other signs include fever and kidney stones. Kidney stones, blood clots, and other infections can block the flow of urine from the kidney. But drugs are not always a possible treatment for kidney stones during pregnancy. Sometimes doctors use stents to allow flow of urine from around the blockage. This is a relatively new treatment for kidney failures during pregnancies where doctors insert a stent in the path of the urine.

Kidney failure can affect the immune system and all your levels like mineral, creatine, protein along with blood pressure are constantly monitored through your pregnancy along with your cholesterol and urine levels.

Kidney Failure When Pregnant
Kidney Failure During Pregnancy
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