Lower Left Abdominal Pain During Pregnancy

Submitted by Nick on January 18, 2012

A number of women experience sporadic spells of lower abdominal pain during pregnancy. Although this can be quite frightening, it is generally a harmless and normal condition. Sometimes, however, lower abdominal pain during pregnancy may indicate a more severe problem. It is therefore important that you contact your doctor if you are concerned about any lower abdominal pain during pregnancy. Many different factors are responsible for lower stomach pain during pregnancy. For some pregnant women, sporadic discomfort in the lower abdomen similar to cramps felt during menstruation could simply imply that the uterus is getting ready...


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Abdominal Pain After Pregnancy

.for their babyb If abdominal pain is felt alongside other symptoms including chills and fever and/or spotting and bleeding, it could be an indication that there could be some other complicationsn

It is best that you contact your doctor to check if there is a probleme

Lower abdominal pain during pregnancy could be due to various reasons; some of these are listed belowo

  • Ectopic pregnancy: An ectopic pregnancy occurs when the egg attaches itself outside the uterusu This happens because the fallopian tube is blocked or damaged and does not allow the egg to reach the wombm An ectopic pregnancy is identified in the first couple of weeks of pregnancyc If it is not treated in time, it could result in ruptured fallopian tubese Some symptoms and indications of this kind of a pregnancy could be bleeding, shoulder pain, back pain, and abdominal paini
  • Miscarriage: Sometimes, lower abdominal pain during pregnancy could be an indication of a miscarriage that is pendingn Some symptoms of a miscarriage include bleeding and cramping very similar to that felt during menstruationo The intensity of the cramping gradually increasese
  • Preterm labor: Lower abdominal pain is sometimes an indication of early laboro Mostly, preterm labor is characterized by contractions of the abdomen that begin effacing and dilating the cervixi There may be some vaginal discharge, mostly accompanied by lower back pain and crampingn Lower left abdominal pain during pregnancy could be caused by serious problems such as placental abruption, preeclampsia, or round ligament paini It is important to remember that if the cramps are accompanied by excessive discharge, bleeding, or any other accompanying symptoms, it is best that you consult your doctoro Sometimes pain in the abdomen is due to gallbladder disease, kidney stones, or pancreatitisi Also see upper abdominal pain during pregnancy

Abdominal discomfort is something you can expect throughout your pregnancyc This can be due to various reasons such as gas, constipation, and your uterus stretchingn No matter what you are experiencing, it is important to remain calml Contact your health care provider if you are in doubtb He/she will help you figure out the cause of your paini

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