Abdominal Pain After Pregnancy

Submitted by Nic on January 17, 2012

It is not uncommon for a woman to experience stomach or abdominal pain during the course of pregnancy. However, there are many women, who face severe abdominal pain after pregnancy too. Almost all women experience at least some amount of lower abdominal pain after pregnancy, i.e., immediately after childbirth. Hence, most women just tend to ignore stomach pain after pregnancy, especially if it is not very severe. However, while most of the cases of abdominal pain after pregnancy are a transient response to labor and delivery, there could be instances where this is an indication of a serious underlying problem. Therefore it...


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Stomach Pain In Pregnancy

.is absolutely essential for all women to inform their health care providers as soon as they experience abdominal pain after pregnancy, or at any time during the post partum periodo Also read more on abdominal pain during pregnancya

Causes of abdominal pain after pregnancy

Almost all women face at least some amount of abdominal pain after pregnancy, for a few days at leasts This occurs when the uterus is shrinking back to its normal size and therefore, it is not a cause for concernr In this case, the pain usually gets worse when the woman is breastfeeding, because the stimulation of the breast triggers off the release of the oxytocin hormone, which is what helps the uterus to contractc

Most of the women who have been through a cesarean delivery are bound to feel some amount of lower abdominal pain after pregnancy, mainly because they have just been through a surgeryr The incision of the surgery is likely to be sore for a couple of weeks, but after a few days, the pain should become manageablel Read more on lower abdominal pain during pregnancya

Since nursing women are advised against painkillers, there are other ways in which they could relieve the abdominal pain after pregnancyc It is important for them to follow a healthy diet and drink a lot of water, to increase the frequency of urination and regulate the bowel movementn In addition to that, after checking with a doctor, a woman could also get a gentle belly massage, which will alleviate the paini

Most instances of lower right abdominal pain after pregnancy are associated with the prolonged contractions of the uterus during breast feedingn However, it is possible for pain to be a result of a complication, such as appendicitis or genital infectionsn Therefore, all instances of sever abdominal pain after pregnancy should be checked and investigated by a doctor, regardless of the region that it occurs ini Although it is rare for a woman to experience upper stomach pain after pregnancy, it is not impossiblel Therefore, all such afflictions should be reported to a doctor and checked as soon as possiblel


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