Achiness During Pregnancy: Abdominal & Pelvic

By Kieth | November 30, 2011
Achiness During Pregnancy

Almost all women experience some amount of achiness during pregnancy. Most of the aches and pains take on the form of sore muscles, cramps in the abdomen, backaches, headaches, pain in the lower back and leg ache to name a few. Of course, as every pregnancy is different, you may not experience any of these at all. At the same time, don’t be surprised if you experience all of them, as well as a few more. Achiness during pregnancy can start right from the time you conceive, till the day you deliver. However, it is essential for you to be able to distinguish between aches that are normal and those that are a cause for concern.

Some of the achiness during early pregnancy usually affects the breasts and the nipples. Because of the surge in pregnancy hormones your breasts and nipples become enlarged within the first few weeks. Initially, you may just feel that they are sore, heavy and tingly, but within a short span of time, you are likely to experience irritation and itchiness. Many women complain that their nipples hurt considerably during the latter part of pregnancy.

Pelvic girdle pain is a very common type of pelvic achiness during pregnancy, as it is experienced by more than 80% of the women. This pain can be anything between a minor ache to a shooting sensation that goes around the back and moves down, below the growing belly. The main cause of this type of achiness during pregnancy is the increasing stress on the joints, bones and muscles of the back and the pelvis. While pelvic girdle pain can affect women at any time, it is more likely to occur during the third trimester.

As your uterus grows in size you may also experience pain around your mid-section. This abdominal achiness during pregnancy is very common and is known as Round Ligament Pain. In most instances, this type of pain is felt as a sharp and achy sensation on both or one side of the abdomen. A number of ligaments and muscles protect your uterus. As your baby grows, these supporting ligaments begin to thin out and stretch. The increase in weight further pressurizes the ligaments, causing you to experience lower abdominal achiness during pregnancy.

During pregnancy, you may also go through bouts of aching limbs, earaches and period like cramping. As long as the pain is bearable it is not likely to be a cause for concern. However, in case the achiness during pregnancy is severe, or if it is accompanied by symptoms like spotting, discharge, bleeding or diarrhea, it is important for you to consult your doctor immediately.

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