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  • Baby Growth Spurt Chart Monitors

    Baby Growth Spurt Chart to Monitor Baby’s Growth

    By Kieth | February 8, 2012
    Baby growth spurt is the term given to the sudden increase in the height and weight of a baby, instead of a steady and slow growth. A baby growth spurt chart is something a doctor typically maintains to monitor the physical growth of the baby. Even ...
  • Baby Growth During Pregnancy

    Baby Growth During Pregnancy

    By Kieth | November 29, 2011
    It is fascinating to learn about baby growth during pregnancy. The sheer beauty of the process instills marvel and curiosity. During the three trimesters of the pregnancy, the embryo grows and develops into a fully formed baby. The use of a baby ...
  • Fetal Growth Trimester Chart

    Fetal Development Stages: Chart, By Month, In First, Second, Third Trimester

    By Niki | June 24, 2011
    A normal pregnancy in humans lasts for around 40 weeks or so. During this course, there are several changes that a fetus undergoes, within the mother’s womb. Hence, it is safe to say that there are many different stages of fetal development that ...
  • 17 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

    Ultrasound Test At 17 Weeks For Gender Detection

    By Niki | June 16, 2011
    An ultrasound test is one where ultrasonic waves are passed through the abdomen of the expectant mother to forma an image of the child inside the womb, after having bounced off the developing fetus in the mother’s stomach. Your gynecologist may ...
  • Infant Growth Calculator

    Infant Growth Percentile Calculator

    By Ashley | February 24, 2010
    Watching a child grow can be one of the most enriching experiences that life can offer. Each day, parents keep a check on the various developmental changes that take place in the life of their baby. Sooner or later, discussions emerge on what the ...
  • Baby Growth Calculator

    Baby Growth Percentile Calculator

    By Ashley | February 24, 2010
    One of the greatest joys that a parent could experience is keeping track of all the changes that their children go through during the developmental stages of their lives. During the initial stages, parents tend to wonder and at times predict the ...
  • Baby Chart Calculator

    Baby Percentile Chart Calculator

    By Ashley | February 24, 2010
    Growth chart percentile calculators are readily available internet accessories to help you check on the growth of your child. Being one of the most exciting activities that a parent could ever imagine, these percentile chart calculators have been ...
  • Baby Length Percentile

    Baby Length Percentile

    By Ashley | February 24, 2010
    Of all the activities that new parents undertake to do, nothing can be as exciting as predicting how well your baby will grow, who he or she will look like and whether the baby will grow up to be like the mother or the father. Since all these ...
  • Baby Length Percentile

    Baby Length Percentile

    By Ashley | January 21, 2010
    Look at any school class picture and you will notice that not all kids are of the same height. Some are tall, while the ones next to them may be short. Just as it is easy to compare children’s heights, it is easy to understand that children grow ...
  • Baby Percentile Calculator

    Baby Percentile Calculator

    By Ashley | January 21, 2010
    Baby growth percentile calculations are an important aspect for all parents, friends, and relatives. The moment a baby is born, you are bombarded with questions like how does the baby look, what is the baby’s weight, and was it a normal delivery ...
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