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  • Toddler Coughing Remedies

    Toddler Coughing At Night: Coughing Remedies for Toddlers

    By Ashley | March 12, 2010
    Coughing at night is a common problem with toddlers. It can not only be a difficult for parents but also for other family members. Before thinking of possible cures for the cough, it is important to find out what kind of cough it is. It is important ...
  • Toddler Tooth Injury Information

    Caring For Toddler Tooth Injuries

    By Ashley | March 12, 2010
    Tooth injuries in toddlers can be distressing to both children and parents. Tooth injuries can be a result of anything as trivial as a fall inside the house or even a sport injury. Toddlers facing primary tooth trauma is common. Toddlers being ...
  • Toddler Speech Exercises

    Exercises For Toddler Speech Development

    By Ashley | March 12, 2010
    The rate of speech development in babies differs from one child to another. Most babies won’t speak particular words until they are around a year old. Girls tend to develop speech faster than boys. Children can put together sentences with two- ...
  • Pregnancy And Tooth Loss

    Causes of Tooth Loss In Pregnant Women & Tips For Prevention

    By Ashley | March 12, 2010
    Along with the wonder and mystical experience of pregnancy, comes the agonizing fact that an expectant mother will go through numerous physical and emotional changes. Dental problems are one such problem. An increase in the levels of progesterone ...
  • Smoking And Pregnancy

    Smoking and Pregnancy: Effects of Smoking on Pregnancy

    By Ashley | March 12, 2010
    No more is it a question whether the unborn child will be affected or harmed by the mother smoking or any other forms of nicotine intake but more a question of the number, degree, types, lifetime impact and notice ability of the harms that are ...
  • Viral Infection In Pregnancy

    Viral Infections Tied to Pregnancy Complications

    By Ashley | March 12, 2010
    For a long time now doctors and researchers have been mystified by the reason why high blood pressure has been occurring in pregnant women. A report put together by a research group in Adelaide has been the first of a kind in reporting that when ...
  • Teen Pregnancy Information

    Prevent Teen Pregnancy: Statistics & Facts

    By Ashley | March 12, 2010
    Discussions in various forums in the last few decades have been on including sex education as a part of school curriculums. While education systems in many countries have advocated and implemented this as an acceptable way to control teenage ...
  • Pregnancy And Diabetes

    Pre-Pregnancy Diabetes Rates – Diabetes and Pregnancy, Diabates During Pregnancy

    By Ashley | March 12, 2010
    Diabetes or diabetes mellitus is a metabolic disorder characterized by high levels of sugar in the blood stream. High sugar levels in the blood are caused by the inability of the pancreas to produce sufficient insulin-type 1 diabetes or the ...
  • Working During Pregnancy

    Working During Pregnancy: Women Can Work in Pregnancy

    By Ashley | March 12, 2010
    Pregnancy is a splendid phase in a woman’s life which comes with numerous challenges and responsibilities. With the onset of pregnancy, there are a number of doubts that cross an expectant mother’s mind. At this time, the most crucial question ...
  • Complications In Pregnancy

    Gene May Be Key to Pregnancy Complication: Complications During Pregnancy

    By Ashley | March 12, 2010
    A pregnancy is a time for any expectant mother to be careful of her health, not only for herself but also for the sake of the child that is developing within her womb. With the advancement in technology and further study on various topics being ...
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