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  • Diet Drinks During Pregnancy

    Diet Drinks During Pregnancy

    By Kieth | September 13, 2012
    If you are pregnant and are trying to cut down on the sugar and the calories, you may automatically reach out for your favorite diet drink. But think again. Recent research indicates that women who drink one or more cans of diet soda during their ...
  • Is Chinese Food Safe During Pregnancy

    Is Chinese Food Safe During Pregnancy

    By Kieth | September 12, 2012
    Pregnant women are often advised not to eat out during their pregnancies but this need not necessarily be true. Women can eat most types of food and cuisines when pregnant. What they need to keep in mind is the word 'moderation.' Chinese food ...
  • Poor Nutrition During Pregnancy

    By Kieth | September 12, 2012
    There have been many sponsored research programs on what are the possible side effects of bad nutrition on pregnant women and their babies. The results are not very encouraging. During pregnancy, what you eat not only directly impacts the growth of ...
  • 10 Healthy Fast Foods During Pregnancy

    By Kieth | September 12, 2012
    Nutrition during pregnancies is very important. Proper food intake helps the baby grow well within the uterus and even after it is born. Balanced diets with supplemented nutrition are the catchphrase for pregnant women. Knowing what you must have ...
  • The Pros and Cons of Seafood During Pregnancy

    By Kieth | August 1, 2012
    When you are eating for two during your pregnancy, you have to take even more care than before about what you feed yourself and your baby. Fresh fruit and vegetables, pulses, whole grains, and lean meats that are high in vitamins, minerals, iron and ...
  • Avoid Nuts When Pregnant

    Why To Avoid Eating Nuts During Pregnancy?

    By Ashley | February 10, 2010
    Pregnancy is a phase that transforms a woman’s life. It is one of the most awaited occasions for a woman. However, pregnancy needs a lot of care, concern, and precautions. As pregnancy and labor can be immensely tiresome for a woman, it is ...
  • Iron Intake During Pregnancy

    Iron Intake During Pregnancy

    By Ashley | December 29, 2009
    When you are pregnant, it is important to keep in mind that your child’s system is growing and changing inside you. Your child grows, and with him/her, so does your body. Your child thus needs more iron to keep up with his growing blood supply. ...
  • Folic Acid During Pregnancy

    Folic Acid During Pregnancy

    By Ashley | December 29, 2009
    Folic acid is a crucial nutrient that should be present in a pregnant woman’s diet, as its deficiency may cause the baby to be born with neural tube defects like spina bifida and anecephaly that can mean a lifetime of paralysis or retarded mental ...
  • Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy

    Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy

    By Ashley | December 29, 2009
    Eating a well balanced, nutritious diet is essential during pregnancy for the proper development of the fetus and the good health of the mother. However, there are certain foods that you should avoid during this period. Though seafood is a rich ...
  • Adopting To Pregnancy Diet & Lifestyle

    Adopting to Pregnancy Diet and Pregnancy Lifestyle

    By Ashley | November 6, 2009
    The journey to parenthood is one of the most amazing experiences in life that comes with a variety of responsibilities and choices. It is also a phase that needs special care and thought, particularly in relation to diet and lifestyle. Planning a ...
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