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  • Back Pain After Pregnancy

    Symptoms and Remedies for Back Pain After Pregnancy

    By Kieth | December 20, 2011
    A sizable number of women suffer from lower back pain after pregnancy and childbirth. Many of them would have also experienced the back pain during pregnancy. The main reason for this is the many physical changes that occur in the mother’s body ...
  • Breasts Saggy After Pregnancy

    Ways to Avoid Saggy Breasts After Pregnancy

    By Kieth | December 1, 2011
    Many women face the problem of sagging breasts after pregnancy. Genetics are largely responsible for this condition. It is also natural for the breast tissue to lose its elasticity and sag with increasing age. The breasts are made up of tissue and ...
  • Weight Loss After Pregnancy

    Weight Loss After Pregnancy

    By Kieth | December 1, 2011
    When pregnant, you probably gorged on sumptuous foods, devoured meals for you and your child’s well being and obliviously mounted the pounds. The stubborn fat might distress you, but the challenge is to stay patient and persistent. Many women ...
  • Treat Stretch Marks In Pregnancy

    Treatment for Stretch Marks After Pregnancy

    By Kieth | October 13, 2011
    The most common reason for the appearance of stretch marks is a sudden weight loss or gain. In pregnancy, a woman puts on a lot of weight within a short time and looses it as quickly.  The skin stretches and the connective tissues get damaged, ...
  • Diet Menu For Women After Pregnancy

    Balanced Post Pregnancy Diet Menu for Women

    By Kieth | September 14, 2011
    Eating correctly post delivery is of the utmost importance for the good health of the mother as well as the child. Right after a woman has delivered; she would have lost a lot of blood and fluids and may feel weak. Eating the right diet that is rich ...
  • Discharge After Pregnancy

    Post Pregnancy Yellow Vaginal Discharge

    By Niki | June 20, 2011
    Before we talk about a yellow discharge after pregnancy, it is important to understand that a discharge after pregnancy is normal. This discharge after pregnancy is called lochia and it is the term given to the vaginal discharge during the ...
  • Your Body After Delivery

    Your Body after Delivery

    By Ashley | February 12, 2010
    When a woman goes through a pregnancy, there are wholesale changes to her body, internal as well as external. The skin goes through some very visible changes as a result of the body reacting to fluctuating hormones. During the entire pregnancy cycle ...
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