Importance of Pre Pregnancy Health and Planning

For different women pregnancy experiences also differ vastly. The pre pregnancy symptoms also differ from woman to woman. Some of the pre pregnancy symptoms include implantation bleeding that occurs somewhere around 8 to 10 days post ovulation. The actual pregnancy symptoms do not appear till a week or so after the woman has missed her periods. Some other pre pregnancy signs to watch out for include an increased BBT temperature level for about 18 days.


Keep Healthy Pre Pregnancy

One of the obvious signs is a missed period. There are several early detection tests that help in determining the positive results. Before a woman decides to get pregnant it is vital that she does a pre pregnancy health check. This is done at the time of pre pregnancy planning. When the woman has an intention of becoming pregnant then the doctor will attempt to address all the concerns or health issues a woman might have. At the time of pregnancy planning the doctor will advice the woman to start taking various supplements and vitamins. Some of these include calcium, folic acid, omega 3 etc. If the woman suffers from any medical conditions then the doctor will advise getting these addressed during the pre pregnancy period. If she suffers from diabetes, high blood pressure, thyroid related problems, obesity etc then the doctor needs to be aware of them and treat these issues.

Pre Pregnancy Health

The doctor will also do some checks on the woman’s lifestyle and working habits as well as those of her partner. Similarly the doctor will do a medical check of the woman and her partner while checking for any hereditary health issues. Some of the tests conducted will be checking if the woman suffers from any kind of infections or if she has any immunity which might affect her fertility and thus the outcome of the pregnancy.

Pregnancy Planning

Pregnancy planning will incorporate a judicious mix of exercise, eating right and healthy lifestyle patterns so that the woman’s health is in an optimum position for her to conceive an thus deliver a healthy child. The preconception check will involve vaccinations for the woman. The doctor will check for HIV / AIDS. Blood tests and urine tests will be conducted and vaginal swabs taken. The doctor will even recommend a dental visit and an eye check up. There are various groups that a couple can join to voice or address any concerns they might have regarding becoming parents and also meet up with various doctors to get advice on the same.

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