How to Get Pregnant Fast

Submitted by Pregnancy and Baby Care team on April 4, 2012

When women decide to get pregnant, it is rarely just about stopping the use of contraception and having unprotected sex with their partners. There is a lot that goes into making a baby these days, especially considering the hectic lives we lead.  If you want to know how to get pregnant fast, the answer is, of course, have frequent sex. However, you also need to able to track your body and its cycles, and have sex at the right time.  It is also important that you enjoy making love to your partner, as then the chances of conceiving are higher.


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Position Yourself Right!

In these difficult times, most couples are challenged reproductively in some manner or the other. In such cases you need to work harder.

Engaging in sex alone  will  not serve the purpose, because it soon becomes a chore. You need to try different activities in the bedroom, in order to keep sex interesting.  Sexual positions also play a major role in helping you get pregnant fast. Sometimes small things can make all the difference. If you are trying to get pregnant, you should lie down after intercourse ends. This position helps the sperm meet the egg and form a zygote. There are different positions in sex that also help the sperm to reach the egg faster. You can do some research on it or ask your doctor about it. The missionary position, also known as the 'man-on-top' position, is considered extremely effective. It is also known to be the most successful when it comes to conceiving a baby. The woman needs to be happy and satisfied and orgasms can surely help.

Measure The Ovulation Cycle and Watch Your Diet!

You can also monitor your body’s ovulation cycle using different methods. Some of the common methods are–recording the Body Basal Temperature, observing the cervical mucus or keeping track of the dates. Each of these methods will tell you when you are most fertile. Having sex in this period will help you get pregnant faster.

In order to get pregnant fast, it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Most doctors encourage a healthy lifestyle from the preconception stages. A balanced diet with prenatal vitamins & supplements is usually the first way to start. Eating well is usually coupled with some exercise. If you are overweight, the doctor will advise you to first lose weight and then plan the pregnancy. You do not need additional weight during your pregnancy. Along with improving your health, lifestyle improvements like reducing stress, calming the mind and prioritizing life’s urgent tasks also help prepare the body. Avoiding stress will help you conceive faster. Nutrition is important, but a stress-free life is extremely beneficial. Reducing stress will also ensure that you are relaxed enough to enjoy sex and increase your chances of conceiving naturally.

Stressing Will Do You No Good

Your doctor can help you by prescribing prenatal vitamins to improve your health, which in turn  assists in getting pregnant fast. You should also remember that if you stress about getting pregnant, you might have a tougher time getting pregnant. There are many online forums and websites you could refer to for tips on ‘how to get pregnant fast’. Each person is different and works on a different time schedule. What works for one person might not work for you. You have to keep trying and must not let depression or anxiety weigh you down. Try taking holidays with your partner if you are unable to relax in your familiar surroundings. While it is the easiest option to seek medical help, sometimes it is this process of trying to get pregnant that can even help renew your relationship. Seek people who are going through a similar phase; this is sure to help you get through the slow periods. Remember that every woman is different.

Turn Away From the Tempting Vices!

There are many things you should avoid while trying to get pregnant, and one of the things is to avoid alcohol & smoking. Research has shown that women trying to get pregnant should quit drinking and smoking up to at least 6 months before conceiving, so that the body can rid itself of most of the ill effects. Drinking and smoking during pregnancy is known to cause deformities in the unborn child. You should also limit your exposure to environmental toxins. Along with doing everything you can to get pregnant fast, you can also boost your partner’s fertility. Ensure that the both of you eat well, organically and healthily. He should also get enough exercise but not any activity that heats his testicles. You can supplement his food zinc supplements and multivitamins. He could also eat food that is rich in zinc and antioxidants. Healthy sperm is as important as a healthy woman.

Patience Is a Virtue

There are also some mistakes you might make while trying to get pregnant. Often women wait till they are economically capable of taking care of a baby before trying to get pregnant. Nature indicates that the twenties is most suitable for having babies, so once you cross that age, you are bound to run into some speed bumps. The older you get, the longer it will take so it is important to remain patient. If you are in your late thirties, it can even take up to a year to conceive naturally. Be patient and do not stress. Wait for at least 6 to 8 months of trying before you decide to take the help of specialist.

Women often use the counting method to identify their fertile period. This is usually not foolproof. Today there are better techniques and even ovulation kits that help you identify your fertile periods better. Relaxing during conception is very important. The stress of trying to get pregnant often has the opposite effect and you will not even be able to enjoy sex.

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