DIY Baby Bath Towel Apron

Bathing a squirming baby means a bath for you too! Wrap up bath time with a homemade baby-bath towel apron. Here is how´┐Ż
DIY Baby Bath Towel Apron

Many babies enjoy bath time, as it gives them a chance to splash about in the water. No matter how careful you are, it is quite possible that you will end up taking a bath at the same time, with all your clothes on! To avoid this problem, creative baby-product manufacturers have come up with the idea of a baby bath towel apron.

This garment is made of toweling material and fastens around your neck. It allows you to stay dry even as your little miracle raises a mini-tsunami. You can also start patting your baby dry as soon as you manage to pull him out of the bathtub. The baby bath towel aprons not only make bath time safe, they also help you bond with your bundle of joy, as you hold him close to your body, while drying him.

With so many advantages, it is hardly surprising that moms are keen to add this new number to their wardrobes. You can purchase a baby bath towel apron at many stores, or online for anywhere between US$ 25.99 and US$ 34.99.

Fortunately, you could also make your own bath towel apron at home, saving yourself a bundle in the bargain. All you need is –

  • 1 Large, soft towel (28”x54”)
  • 1/8 Yard of patterned cotton fabric (preferably of a similar color)
  • 1 6”x44” piece of plain cotton fabric


  • Place the towel on your torso, to find the center of your apron. Cut out two curves in the upper corners of the towel for the arms.
  • Next, lay the upper part of the towel over the patterned fabric. Trim the fabric to the shape of the towel, bet leave one inch extra on each side.
  • Fold the extra fabric over the raw edges of the towel and sew them. Fold ½ inch of the bottom part of the fabric and sew it on to the towel.
  • Cut the plain fabric into two strips so that each measure 3”x44”. Fold the strips in half lengthwise and iron them carefully. These will form straps for the neck and waist ties.
  • Place the ironed straps on the sides of your towel in such a way that 13” are sewn on to the sides of the apron leaving the open ends of each strap for the neck ties and waist ties.
  • Sew the sides of the straps. You can tie them together, while using the towel apron.

These are the steps for creating a simple, yet useful bath towel apron at home. However, when it comes to DIY baby bath time aprons, there is no limit to customization!

  • Some mothers like to buy a longer towel, so that the bottom half can be folded over, to form a nice, snug pouch for their babies.
  • You could also add a flap to your apron, which not only dries your hands, but can also be used as a swaddle.
  • Instead of a neck tie, you can sew the neck strap on, so that you just need to slip the apron on an off. Some mothers prefer a small neck strap, which is attached to the body of the apron with the help of some Velcro
  • You could also use ribbons for waist ties, if a fancy bath towel apron is what you prefer

Making bath aprons at home is so easy you can easily stitch a couple of them at one time. In fact, it is best to do so, since these aprons should be washed after every use. Also make sure that all the fabrics you choose are soft and comfortable. Opt for bright and attractive colors if you’d like to make it easier for your baby to get out of the bathtub.

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