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  • Top 10 Maternity Clothes Essentials

    By Kieth | September 11, 2012
    Pregnancy is an excellent time for you to pamper yourself! You will look forward to a lot of things during your pregnancy, but wearing maternity clothes is probably not one of them. Do remember that these clothes are going to be a part of your ...
  • Maternity Clothing Trends 2012

    By Kieth | April 10, 2012
    Maternity clothes are a very important part of self image during pregnancies. Women usually become very self conscious of putting on weight. Pregnant women need constant reassurance about how they look and maternity wear is an important part of that ...
  • Tips for Choosing Maternity Dresses

    By Kieth | April 10, 2012
    Today there is a wide variety of pregnancy clothing available. Huge, frumpy dresses are a thing of the past and these days, maternity wear even includes pants and formal clothing. There are several manufacturers and supplies of maternity clothes and ...
  • Maternity Fashion for the Holidays

    By Kieth | April 10, 2012
    The holidays are an exciting time filled with parties, dinners and dances. Pregnant women often wonder what to wear during the holidays as maternity clothes are mostly perceived as being oversized and drab. But you can show off your baby bump with ...
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