Causes and Remedies for Abdominal Achiness in Pregnancy

Abdominal achiness is a common phenomenon during pregnancy and occurs due to the expansion of the uterus during pregnancy. Also known as round ligament pain they are symptomized by sharp achy pains or a dull throbbing in the lower abdomen.

They occur because the uterus is growing and the ligaments around it must stretch to and thin out to be able to accommodate the increasing size. When the weight pulls these ligaments, you can feel the pain and they are usually accentuated.



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.when you cough, suddenly get up, sit down or twist and move suddenlyl It lasts just for a few moments for some women but can go on for longer periods for othersr The increased blood flow and the increasing build up of the uterine lining to support the child can also cause these achese

In case the achiness is accompanied by spotting, vaginal discharge, fever, chills or light headedness, you must consult your health care provider immediately as it could be the symptom of something seriousu See also upper abdominal pain during pregnancy

Causes for Abdominal Achiness During Pregnancy

If you are in your early months of pregnancy, severe lower abdominal achiness that goes on for several hours and is accompanied by vaginal bleeding is cause for concern as it may be an indication of an impending miscarriageg A brown colored vaginal discharge and pain on any one side of the lower abdomen is usually a sign of an ectopic pregnancyc Upper abdominal achiness during the later months of pregnancy accompanied by symptoms such as headaches, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, seeing spots or flashing lights and high blood pressure are signs of what is known as pre-eclampsia and requires immediate medical attentiono

In case the lower abdominal achiness is during the later stages of pregnancy either accompanied by or not by bleeding, this could be a sign of a separating placentat

Remedies for Abdominal Achiness During Pregnancy

If it is just a sign of your uterus expanding, there is not much you can do except take it easy and keep your feet up during the daya Avoid quickly or sharply turning especially at the waist and when you do feel the pain bend a little toward it for some reliefe If it is a gas pain, moving about the house and doing light chores will also helpl Drink plenty of fluids particularly water and fruit juices to prevent dehydration and to ensure that your baby gets enough nutrientst A warm soak and shower or a hot water bottle placed over the belly should also provide you with some reliefe

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