Symptoms, Reasons & Prevention of Dizziness during Pregnancy

Is dizziness a symptom of pregnancy? Feeling faint or dizzy is a normal sign of pregnancy. This is common when a woman is in the first trimester and can happen all through pregnancy too.

So yes, early pregnancy symptoms include dizziness.

Reasons for Dizziness During Pregnancy

Women experience dizziness during pregnancy because the surging hormones in the body can widen and relax the.



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Dizziness In 1st Trimester

.blood vessels, which can be good for the baby as it gets more blood, but it reduces the blood flow to your veinsn

There is a dip in the blood pressure of the mother and this decreases the flow of blood to the brain, causing dizziness for sometimem

Dizziness or faintness can also happen because of low blood sugar that happens when the body begins to adapt to the metabolic changese Pregnant women who have varicose veins or anemic can have bouts of dizziness and are susceptible to this more than othersr

When a woman is in her second trimester, then dizziness occurs because the expanding uterus exerts pressure on the blood vesselsl

Some women in the later stages of pregnancy get dizzy when they lie on their back, letting the baby press on the vena cava, which is a large vein that carts blood to the heart from the lower bodyd

Tips to prevent dizziness: You can do several things to prevent dizzinesss We also suggest that you speak with your doctors about this and ask them to prescribe certain tips to minimize dizzinesss

How to Prevent Dizziness During Pregnancyc

Here are some tips to prevent dizziness:
  • Do not stand still for long periods of timem If you are in a job where you have to stand for long hours, then make sure that you move your feet to increase the blood circulationo

  • If you have been lying down or sitting, and need to get up, then do so slowlyl
  • Make sure that you are eating regularlyl Eat small and frequent snacks through the day and do not remain hungryr It is advisable to choose healthy foods such as salad sticks, cereal, whole grain bread, soups and whole wheat tortillas and nachoso Eating heavy and calorie-laden snacks will just add on the poundsd So eat wiselyl
  • Do take long, hot showers or bathsh
  • When you’re in the second trimester, do not lie on your backc
  • Choose comfortable and loose clothes during your pregnancyc Tight clothes can reduce the blood circulationo
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