Pregnancy Backache Conditions & Care

All women tend to experience backache during pregnancy. This is caused by a number of factors and manifests in a variety of ways. For instance, women tend to experience backache during early pregnancy in the lower back region or pain at the back of the pelvis and in the lower part of the buttocks.

Some women may also experience backache during pregnancy that is centered on the lower back but occurs only during certain activities like while sitting or standing or while lying down. Pregnancy backache could be the result of an increased strain on your back from carrying a great deal of extra weight.


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Your posture tends to be different during pregnancy to account for all the weight gain and as a result, you may experience back ache.

Conditions During Pregnancy Backache

The muscles in your abdomen tend to become weak and stretched during pregnancy and thus exert a great deal of strain on the spine, leading to pregnancy backache. Some amount of backache during pregnancy is normal, however, if you experience severe backache and for a prolonged period of time, you should contact your caregiver immediately as this may be a sign of further complications.

Pregnancy Backache Care

There are several ways to care for backache during pregnancy at home. You should try and work on your posture to help relieve some of the pain. Keep your back straight and your hips pulled forward while sitting to help reduce pregnancy backache. Plan your footwear wisely when you go out. High heeled shoes and uncomfortable footwear can cause a great deal of strain to your lower back. Wear shoes that have low heels and a good arch support to help reduce lower backache in early pregnancy.

Exercise some precaution while going about your everyday activities.

Do not lift objects that are too heavy as this could be very harmful for your back. If you are lifting something heavy from the floor, then make sure that you squat and reach for it with your knees bent rather than bending over while standing. Don’t carry things that are too heavy and try to split loads between both your hands to minimize the strain on your back. Sharing the weight of heavy things on either side of your body will also ensure that you keep your balance. It is easy to lose your balance during pregnancy. To minimize lower backache in early pregnancy, always sit in a chair that has a good support for the back. Place a small pillow or cushion between your lower back and the chair’s backrest to give yourself better support while sitting. Avoid standing for long periods of time as this tends to add a great deal of pressure on your back.

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