Headaches in the 17th pregnancy week located primarily in the left/back left side of the head

(June 1, 2010)


17 Weeks Pregnancy Headache

Although going through a pregnancy can be one of the most wondrous and exciting times of a woman’s life, the amount of discomfort and medical complications that are the result of the changing physicality of the woman as well as the hormonal levels can be quite a traumatic experience at times. Headaches are one of the most common complaints that expecting mothers suffer from during the term of the pregnancy and can be the result of a number of factors. Tension headaches are the most common type of headache and will feel much like a steady dull ache or squeezing pain on the back of the neck or both sides of the head. Some of the more common factors that will lead to the development of a headache during a pregnancy include depression, hunger, fatigue, dehydration, allergies, eye strain or even stress – which is a very prominent part of any pregnancy. If the patient has suffered from migraines before the pregnancy, being pregnant could amplify the condition. Moreover, studies have also shown that almost 15% of all migraine sufferers experience a migraine for the first time when they are pregnant and in their first trimester. The intensity of the migraine is usually a very intense throbbing pain that is located more towards a single side of the head and can last for as long as 72 hours if left untreated. Conducting any amount of physical activity at this time will increase the intensity of the pain.

If you suffer from chronic, intense headaches during the course of your pregnancy, it is important that you visit your doctor in order to gauge whether there is any likelihood of an underlying medical condition that could be responsible for the development of the headaches. In order to correctly and effectively treat the condition, it is important to identify the cause of the throbbing pain. Studies show that the most common cause happens to be stress, so allowing yourself a short vacation or at least exile from the more stressful aspects of your life will do you a world of good.  You could also try applying a cold or warm compress on your head to relieve the pain to some extent. This is one of the most effective ways of dealing with migraines. A relaxing soothing massage administered by a trained masseuse will help significantly as it helps to maintain adequate blood flow to the scalp and head.

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