The Causes and Remedies for Lack of Sleep during Pregnancy

Lack of sleep in pregnancy can be a serious cause for worry for the prospective mother as it hampers her work, her ability to take care of her other children if any, and may generally leave her feeling drained throughout the day.

This condition affects close to eighty percent of pregnant women and can be caused by a variety of factors such as leg cramps, the constant need to urinate, anxiety and stress about the baby's arrival but most of all, constant feelings of discomfort that prevents sleep from kicking in.


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Lack of Sleep in Pregnancy Causes

The pregnant body undergoes a series of changes, particularly within the abdomen and these changes will take some getting used to. Pregnancy and lack of sleep go hand in hand if you are used to sleeping on your back or on your stomach. It is best to sleep on your left side rather than your back or abdomen as it is the best way to allow oxygen and nutrients to reach your child within. Although there is no harm in lying on your right side, the left is always the best. Lying on your back can lead to breathing problems, poor digestion, cardiovascular ailments and lead to constipation due to the development of hemorrhoids. So although it might take a while to get used to, you should lie down on your left side and once you are used to this, you will definitely get better sleep. This may take anywhere from a few days up to a few weeks, but it is important that you endure the discomfort for this period as it will ensure better sleep and relaxation during the later stages of pregnancy.

Remedies for Lack of Sleep in Pregnancy

Occasionally it could be your baby moving around in your belly that prevents you from sleeping.

Remember that babies sleep for much shorter durations at a stretch and wake up every hour or so to wriggle a bit before settling down again. This is usually a sign that your baby is healthy and full of energy. Sometimes it occurs if you have eaten something just before going to bed or if you are thoroughly relaxed. There is no remedy for this and it is actually the best time for you and your partner to talk to the baby. In some time, the baby will fall asleep and so will you. Pregnancy lack of sleep can be remedied by ensuring that your bedroom has a comfortable room temperature, that there are heavy, dark drapes across the windows and perhaps a white noise machine that can block out the noise of traffic when you are asleep. Try to have a warm bath or soak and drink a warm glass of milk right before going to bed. Soothing massages before bed time can also relax your muscles and make you drowsy.

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