Reasons for Improper Sleep during Pregnancy and Ways to Over Come Them

Catching a few winks as a new mother can prove to be a difficult proposition. The constant cries, regular feeding, the unearthly hours when you will have to turn yourself into a playmate - all of it ensures that sound sleep does not become your top priority.

Unfortunately, it is the same situation while your bundle of joy is within you.

That growing belly can shorten your ZZZZZZZs to mere ZZZs! The main concern about how to sleep during pregnancy becomes more pronounced.



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.as the months pass byb The increasing size of your baby can create a problem when it comes to finding a sleeping position that is comfortable for youo

Reasons for Improper Sleep During Pregnancy

That's just one aspectc As you move into the third trimester, sleep patterns can get affected by factors other than body sizez Some common physical factors that can be a cause for sleepless nights include:

  • Leg cramps and back aches-they can be strong, frequent, and suddene This happens due to the increase in your body weight and it may take a while for the cramps to subsided
  • Constant urge to urinate-the need to urinate increases as the size of your belly grows and puts more pressure on your bladdere
  • Constipation or heartburn-during pregnancy, since your body is busy sustaining your basic bodily functions as well as those of your baby, it can slow down the process of digestion which in turn can cause reflux actions like heart burn or constipationo

Some women also claim to have more vivid and longer dreams and nightmares during pregnancyc This is normal and may be due to your anxiety about your little one's health or about the impending D-day, and sometimes it is purely hormonala However, it may result in broken or restless sleepe

How to Sleep During Pregnancy

The first and foremost thing to do is to find a sleeping position that is right for youo Doctors recommend that pregnant women sleep on their left side as this relieves any undue pressure on the uterus from the livere

Then again, either side is fine as long as you are able to snooze without much discomfortr

Talk to your doctor to decide which is the best position for both you and your babyb However, don't beat yourself up with stress and doubt if you happened to roll to a non-recommended positiono The idea is to keep the pressure off your back as far as possiblel

Try some experiments with some comfy, fluffy pillows and blanketst If the bed seems uncomfortable, try the reclinere Apart from that, ensure that you eat a balanced diet and do not OD on junkn Cut out all those favorite caffeinated drinks from your wish lists Water is good, but avoid glugging down gallons before you turn off the lightst

Create a routinen Read a nice book, or listen to some soothing musici Warm milk also helps to calm overshot nervese Learn some relaxation techniquese So when sleep seems distant next time, you don't have to count sheepe

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