Common Pregnancy Dreams and their Interpretation

The occurrence of dreams during pregnancy is very common. This is because during your pregnancy, you are undergoing emotional and hormonal changes. Therefore, the dreams during this period might be sometimes very mysterious, or sometimes exceptionally realistic.

In the old days it was a common belief that your dreams during pregnancy gave premonitions about you and your baby's health.

While there has been no evidence to support this idea, your dreams do prepare you for the forthcoming events.


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In your dreams, you rehearse the events you are likely to encounter in the near future. Pregnancy dream interpretation is similar to the interpretation of dreams in normal life. However, as you are emotionally vulnerable at this point of time, dream interpretation of pregnancy may slightly differ.

Pregnancy Dream Meanings

The most common pregnancy dreams meanings are as follows:

  • Being an expectant mother, it is very common to see babies in your dreams. Sometimes you may dream of a healthy baby and the other times you may see deformed baby or loss of pregnancy through an accident or miscarriage. Sometimes you may dream of twins or multiple babies. The interpretation of such dreams is that you are very concerned about your pregnancy and your baby.
  • It is also very common to see in your dreams giving birth to your baby. This is interpretive of preparing you for future motherhood.
  • Another most prevalent dream during pregnancy is seeing the loss of your life partner in the form of divorce or death of the partner.

    This occurs due to psychological changes caused by changes in your appearance.
  • If you see yourself giving birth to a baby boy, it may be a sign that you wish to have a boy.
  • If you find yourself seeing animals in your dreams, it is generally interpreted as meaning that you should have faith in your own instincts.
  • Seeing birds in your dreams is interpreted as success and freedom.
  • Seeing airplanes in your dreams during pregnancy indicates the desire to be in new places and experience positive changes in your life.
  • If you see beds in dreams, it shows that you need more rest in order to prepare yourself for the big event.
  • Seeing bees in your dreams represents that you are happy to get all the attention from your near and dear ones.

There can be many different types of dreams that may occur during your pregnancy period. You need not worry about them as they are a normal occurrence.

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