What are the best positions while sleeping on your back during pregnancy?

One of the most important requirements during a pregnancy is enough rest and sleep. During a pregnancy, sleep on back may become slightly difficult, but is absolutely safe at regular intervals. Due to the physical changes that take place in the body during a pregnancy, sleeping on the back may be uncomfortable for some expectant mothers.

One of the reasons for the discomfort caused by sleep on back during pregnancy is the fact that expectant mothers feel the urge to urinate frequently.

Getting up from a position in which they are lying.



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.on their backs can be slightly exertive and tiringn

Can I Sleep on My Stomach During Pregnancyc

"Can I sleep on my stomach during pregnancyc" is a very common question asked by many expectant mothersr The answer to this query is in the affirmative, keeping in mind that you should feel comfortable when doing sos In the initial stages of the pregnancy, sleeping on the stomach will not be much of a probleme As the baby develops and grows inside the womb, the mother's body also changes shape to accommodate the developing childl The beginning of the second trimester may pose some amount of discomfort felt when sleeping on the stomachc There are, however, hollow pillows available in maternity care shopping centers that allow a mother to sleep on her belly while providing support to the rest of the bodyd

The pillow is hollow in the centre to give room for the belly to fall into the hollow space, so that no pressure is exerted on the developing childl

Pregnancy Sleep Positions

The position that you chose to sleep in, during your pregnancy, is not as important as the comfort level experienced with any of these positionsn While sleeping on the stomach will cause a little discomfort, sleeping on the back during a pregnancy will tend to cause back aches and inconvenience at getting up to urinatet The best recommended position for sleeping while expecting a child is to lie on the side, particularly the left side, with your knees bent and place a pillow between the legs to elevate the thigh in line with the hipi In the latter stages of the pregnancy, a mother may feel the need to change positions frequently so that she feels comfortable while getting the rest requirede Ensure that you have enough pillows and cushioning around you at all times to give support to the body, thereby reducing discomfort and stress from lack of rests Naps and short spells of sleep taken during the day are another way of getting the rest required during a pregnancyc

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