Safe and Comfortable Positions while Sleeping During Pregnancy

Sleep positions can be a trifle difficult to change especially at the onset of pregnancy. This is why pregnancy and sleep positions is one of the things that worry most pregnant women.

The best pregnancy sleep position is to sleep on your side. Even though you may be comfortable lying on your back, it can potentially lead to problems with breathing, blood circulation, it may affect your digestion, lead to hypertension or even low blood pressure, and in some cases may cause haemorrhoids and severe backaches.


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Experts believe that this occurs because your back is forced to support the considerable weight of your uterus, intestines and the inferior vena cava. Sleeping on your back also tends to crush a major vein, the vena cava and is therefore best avoided.

Pregnancy Sleep Positions Recommendations

Stretching out on your side is a recommended sleep position in pregnancy as it aids in the flow of nutrients and blood to the placenta, prevents the swelling of the hands, feet and ankles as it helps in better waste disposal from the body and enhances the kidneys' functioning. It is also not advisable to sleep on your stomach as the abdomen goes through a number of changes and towards the end of the pregnancy period, this can prove harmful to the child. While sleeping on your left side, you may keep a thin pillow underneath your belly. The belly is thus supported and you will not feel the same pulling pressure as the baby's movements within you are also supported by the pillow. This position is alternatively known as the SOS (sleep on side) position.

If possible keep your knees and legs bent and put a pillow between your legs. If staying in this position is uncomfortable, you may rotate your pregnancy sleep position though the night. In case you wish to sleep on your back for a while, it is best to prop use pillows as a back support to avoid pressure on the vena cava and to prevent the heart from being affected.

Pregnancy Sleep Positions Care

Apart from this, you can get a full size pillow that encircles the entire pregnant body or failing that, random pillows from various parts of the house. Arrange them around your body, giving support to the abdomen, legs and back. If you find it difficult to fall asleep for more than half an hour, try getting up and engaging in some light activity such as reading, knitting or listening to some soothing music.

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