Back Pain During Pregnancy First Trimester

Submitted by Nick on January 18, 2012

While a pregnancy is one of the most beautiful experiences that a woman can go through, the number of changes in her body as well as the lifestyle she leads can be extremely intense. The fact that the entire body goes through a drastic change on an emotional, physical as well as chemical level within a matter of a few short months only serves to increase the intensity of the process. The muscles are likely to be overworked while the bones are likely to be stressed and tired, making the mother rather irritable at most times. One of the biggest concerns that a lot of women have is a rather prominent back pain in early pregnancy.


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The expecting mother is likely to first encounter the lower back pain in pregnancy during the first trimester. In fact, the back pain is also very commonly the first sign of pregnancy for a number of women that haven't noticed that their period has stopped. One of the leading causes for lower back pain in early pregnancy is change in hormonal levels within the body causing intense pain in the body while at other times it is also likely for the spine to be a little out of alignment.

Because of the fact that lower back pain in early pregnancy is a rather common occurrence all over the world, a number of home remedies and techniques have been developed to help expecting mothers relieve the pain to a certain degree. One of the best methods of alleviating the pain is to perform pelvic tilts. This is even more important during the first trimester because of the fact that later stages of the pregnancy are not going to allow you to lie flat on your back as the weight of the uterus presses on the vena cava. Watching your weight during the first trimester is also likely to be very helpful in reducing the impact that lower back pain has in the initial phase of the pregnancy. You should also make it a point to wear flat heeled shoes as much as possible while also maintaining proper posture and allow your body as much rest as possible.

If you experience the lower back pain while sleeping in bed, it is known to reduce in prominence if you sleep on your side with a pillow placed in between your legs. This is especially helpful during the second trimester - which may require a thinner pillow.

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