Back Pain After Pregnancy

Submitted by Nic on January 19, 2012

There are many health problems that women have to face during and after pregnancy and severe back pain is one of the most common afflictions. In fact many women experience persistent back pain after pregnancy, which is referred to, as post partum backache. In some cases, the back pain after pregnancy is more like a minor ache, or a mild annoyance; however, other women may face severe and chronic back pain after pregnancy, which interferes with their day to day activities. While most people experience pain in the lower back area, it is also possible for some women to feel upper back pain after pregnancy. Also read...


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Causes for back pain after pregnancy

The most common causes of low back pain after pregnancy include the physical changes that a woman’s body undergoes. During pregnancy, the uterus expands to a great extent, which in turn causes its muscles to weaken considerably.

Moreover, a woman’s posture changes during and after pregnancy, which puts excessive strain on the back, leading to back pain after pregnancy. The extra weight also puts more stress on the muscles of the back, thereby increasing the pain and discomfort. Hormonal changes are responsible for most of the medical problems that women experience, including excessive back pain.  This pain does not just disappear overnight and therefore, it may continue, even after the baby is born, till the woman’s body regains its strength and returns to normal.

Treatment of back pain after pregnancy

Women are asked to refrain from conventional treatment methods, which is why they need to try alternate methods of treating constant back pain after pregnancy. The best way of alleviating the pain is by engaging in a mild exercise for back pain after pregnancy, like walking, or swimming. In addition to that, there are many yoga exercises that can help relieve back pain after pregnancy. Massage therapy is also a very effective way of dealing with post partum aches and pains all over the body, including the back. Alternate heat and cold therapy could work wonders in reducing back pain too. Women should also pay a lot of attention to their posture while standing, walking, sleeping and lifting objects, after pregnancy, to alleviate the pain faster.

Although there are several home remedies for dealing with back pain after pregnancy, it is best to consult a doctor, in case the pain lasts for a long period of time. All instances of shooting back pain after pregnancy should be checked by a doctor.

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