Pelvic Pressure in Early Pregnancy

By Ashley | January 12, 2010
Pelvic Pressure In Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be a joyous time when a new life is growing within you. But at the same time, along with the excitement of becoming a mother, there’s also a fair amount of discomfort that you’ll have to be prepared for. Pelvic pressure in early pregnancy, lower back pain and aching feet are some of the things that you might experience. Stress on the body can be caused by changing shape of the uterus, ups and downs in the hormone levels and the weight of the baby. Pain and pelvic pressure is a common type of discomfort that most pregnant women can face.

Reasons for Pelvic pressure during early pregnancy

The two main reasons of pelvic pain as well as pressure in pregnancy are as following.

  • The uterus keeps expanding during pregnancy and puts pressure on your pelvis, causing pain. As the pregnancy progresses, the baby becomes larger and settles deeper into your pelvic area. Sometimes, you might even feel a pushing sensation, from inside your pelvis. You can even feel your uterus.
  • When ligaments begin to stretch, then that too will lead to pelvic pressure. You can feel a sharp, stabbing pain in your pelvis. This happens because the ligaments supporting the uterus are thin and when stretched, they take the stress. The pain can start in the pelvis and go down till the thighs. The sciatica nerve can also cause a numb or painful feeling.

Remedy for Pelvic Pressure In Early Pregnancy

There are things that you can do to relieve the pelvic pressure in early pregnancy as well as in the later stages of pregnancy.

  • You might like to use heat or a warm compress to get relief. Try soaking in a warm bath or take a long and warm shower and let the water fall over your stomach. Light a few aromatherapy candles or mix a few drops of aromatherapy oils in your bath.
  • You might like to go in for a pelvic massage. But make sure you go to a qualified and expert massage therapist, who has experience in prenatal massage.
  • You might like to experiment with your sleeping positions to get your baby to change its position, so that the pressure on your pelvis decreases. You can try lifting your knees to stretch the ligaments.
  • Try hip squeeze or pelvic rocking exercises to get some relief.
  • You might like to try prenatal yoga. Yoga keeps women fit and healthy, and also prepares them physically and mentally for childbirth.
  • Talk to your doctor if the pain is unbearable.
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