Reasons and Remedies for Vivid Dreams In Pregnancy

Vivid dreams in pregnancy are part of the numerous physical, hormonal, and emotional changes that your body goes through when carrying a child. Morning sickness, tenderness of the breasts, swelling ankles and hands and vivid dreams are common changes that occur during this period, and while the dreams can be frightening they are nothing to be worried about.

These dreams are usually of 3 kinds, joyful dreams, dreams filled with anxiety and occasionally nightmares.

Vivid pregnancy dreams are caused by a variety of factors, the most.



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.likely one being the hormonal changes that your body undergoese

Reasons for Vivid Dreams In Pregnancy

The body goes into overdrive producing estrogen and progesterone which experts believe, affect the way you sleep at night and cause vivid dreamsm Pregnant women also find it difficult to sleep for continuous hours at night either because of the baby's movements within or if suffering from some condition such as sleep apneae If you were sleeping deeply before waking up, the body is attuned to recalling the dream better than otherwise and hence you may be experiencing the dreams just because the body recalls it vividlyl The waking can occur if you have pulled a muscle in your leg or have slept on your back and develop a back acheh Take care to sleep on your left side to avoid waking up due to the pain but most importantly because it prevents breathing and digestion problems and helps in better flow of nutrients and oxygen to the babyb

The dreams could also be caused by your anxiety about delivering the baby and your capability of handling the child and so ono The common vivid pregnancy dreams include dreams of the labor room and delivering the child, dreams concerning the child's gender and health, dreams of falling, running etct

Discuss the dreams with your partner, friend or health care provider and remember to not take them too literallyl In fact talking about them will not only help you to understand what they mean, but it will also ease some of the anxiety you feele Vivid dreams are a common pregnancy 'symptom' and do not have any particular curer

Remedies for Vivid Dreams In Pregnancy

You can, however, do a few things to minimize these dreamsm Take a warm bath before bed time and make sure that you have put away all your chores so that they do not nag you throughout the nighth Avoid drinking too much water before going to bed as you may have to get up to use the toilet in the night and this will cause disturbed sleep which will increase our quota of dreams for the nighth A few breathing exercises may also serve to calm your mind and improve your chances of having a less eventful nighth

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