What are the risks of not exercising during the first trimester of pregnancy?

(January 7, 2010)

Pregnancy Trimesters - Risks of Not Exercising During First Trimester of Pregnancy
It is natural to feel lazy during your pregnancy. You may feel like spending most of your time snoozing; however, following a moderate exercise regime will do you a whole lot of good. During a pregnancy, your body undergoes tremendous changes, and it gets vulnerable to a whole lot of health issues. Thus, following a moderate exercise regime after consulting your doctor is a good idea to keep health problems away.

During your first trimester, your baby needs improved blood circulation without which there can be some developmental problems due to the lack of oxygen supply. When you exercise, the blood circulation improves ensuring an increase in the oxygen supply, which, in turn, promotes development in your baby. Besides this improved blood circulation, exercise will make you feel better too. Moreover, improved blood circulation also brings an extra glow to your skin.

If you are low on your energy levels, you will feel fatigue and exhausted. Exercise boosts your energy levels and also increases your sense of control. Any kind of strain or anxiety can have a direct impact on the development of your baby. If you follow a good exercise regime, endorphins or “feel good” hormones are released, and these will help you stay calm and positive throughout your pregnancy.

Bad posture during your pregnancy can complicate your delivery process. Hence, exercise helps improve your posture and strengthens and tones your butt, back, and thighs. Exercise also accelerates intestinal movements and keeps constipation at bay. During pregnancy, your body is low on calcium, which makes your body more vulnerable to joint problems and osteoporosis in the long run. Apart from taking calcium rich food and supplements, it is important to exercise as it ensures that your joints and bones are in good condition and prevents their wear and tear by activating the lubricating fluid of the joints.

Sleeping well during pregnancy is most important. Lack of sleep can make you feel grumpy and tired. By following a good exercise regime, you will be able to sleep well at night, which, in turn, will bring down the stress and anxiety levels. Exercise prepares your body for the delivery. It strengthens your muscles and keeps your heart fit, which will ease the labor process. Gaining control over your breathing also helps in managing pain during the labor process.  The most important benefit of exercising is that it helps you get back your pre-pregnancy body quickly as you tend to gain less fat because of the exercise regime.

Now that you know the benefits and possible risks associated with exercise, go ahead and seek the advice of your doctor and start with moderate exercise regime.

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