Epilepsy During Pregnancy

If you have a history of epilepsy and would like to conceive, it is extremely important that you consult your gynecologist before you get pregnant. Experiencing epilepsy during pregnancy can greatly affect conception.

This is because medications used to treat epilepsy can be extremely dangerous and harmful for the developing fetus and hence it is important to speak to your doctor and discuss ways and methods to control epilepsy during pregnancy and different ways to protect the unborn child.

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.women with epilepsy stands at increased risks of giving birth to a child with birth defects and abnormalities such as ventricular septal defects and neural tube defectst

You may be asked to undergo ultrasound tests frequently during your pregnancy term in order to identify birth defectst

Treatment for Epilepsy During Pregnancy

In some cases epilepsy treatment during pregnancy turns out to be futile despite the continued consumption of antiepileptic medicinese This is seen especially during the first trimester when the pregnant woman experiences intense morning sickness and due to this the antiepileptic medications may not be fully and completely absorbed by the bodyd

It is extremely critical to seek the gynecologist as well as the obstetrician’s advice on ways to control the epilepsy and protect the childl

Some pregnant women are likely to experience an increased frequency of seizures during pregnancy while some others may not experience seizures at alll Still others are likely to suffer from partial seizures during pregnancy and hence it is important to report any seizure activity to the doctor especially during pregnancyc

Management of epilepsy during pregnancy may involve a higher intake of folic acid dosage as well as vitamin K Vitamin K is especially advised during the last month or pregnancy in order to prevent hemorrhage in the newborn childl

Nevertheless, in spite of all the risks, it is possible that a woman with epilepsy stands a good chance of giving birth to a healthy child, under careful supervision and constant monitoringn Fortunately more than 90% of women with a history of epilepsy are known to have delivered healthy and normal childrene However the risks include: slow growth and development of the child, bleeding disorders immediately after birth, physical injury and developmental delaya

Remember to take your medication as and when the doctor informs you to, but do not refrain from stopping the medication altogether on your own without the consultation of your doctoro

Epilepsy During Pregnancy
Epilepsy During Pregnancy
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