Severe Hot Flashes During Pregnancy

Hot flashes during pregnancy mainly occur because of the constant fluctuations that take place in the hormone levels in the body of a pregnant woman.

Dizziness and Severe Hot Flashes During Pregnancy

The main symptoms of hot flashes during pregnancy are a feeling of intense heat in the upper parts of ones body which may also be accompanied with an increased heart rate, sweating and flushing of the neck, face, chest as well as some other parts of the body.


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In fact it has been observed that dizziness and hot flashes during pregnancy are common symptoms that most pregnant women tend to experience. The frequency of these chills and hot flashes during pregnancy may vary from woman to woman and a hot flash usually last form anywhere between 30 seconds to 5 minutes. Some women will experience severe hot flashes during pregnancy constantly whereas others will experience it intermittently. Another one of the causes of hot flashes during pregnancy third trimester or even otherwise are dehydration and hyperthermia which tend to result in heat stress. A pregnant woman whether she is exercising or not tends to experience and increase in the metabolic rate as well as her core temperature. Hence pregnant women wo experience constant hot flashes during pregnancy are advised to avoid any form of exercise when the external weather conditions are humid or warm and to in fact resort to swimming as their main source of exercise.

They should also wear light, cotton clothing so as to allow their skin to breathe and remain cool.

Relief From Hot Flashes During Pregnancy

Additionally in order to minimize the occurrence of hot flashes during pregnancy pregnant women should ensure that they avoid the consumption of food that is very spicy, diet pills of any kind, alcohol, caffeine and even being exposed to very hot environments. In addition to certain changes to their lifestyle in order to minimize the occurrence of severe hot flashes during pregnancy, pregnant women should also avoid going for any herbal remedies, mild medications that are commercially available as well as acupuncture. It has been observed that hot flashes during pregnancy can be handled taking up some form of mild exercise or a relaxation technique. In fact going for walks early in the afternoon for at least thirty minutes in a day is also known to reduce the occurrence of hot flashes during pregnancy. Another natural method to gain relief from hot flashes during pregnancy is to take a deep breath from ones abdomen and then allow the air to exit very slowly from ones nose.

Hot Flashes During Pregnancy
Hot Flashes During Pregnancy
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