Placenta During Pregnancy

An expectant mother needs to always be most careful during a pregnancy as some significant amount of trauma or shock to her system could greatly affect the child she is carrying. Although the loss of blood during a pregnancy can be extremely alarming and raise the most extreme concerns, it is not necessarily the result of a serious complication.

Conditions in Placenta During Pregnancy

The condition placenta previa is when the placenta is close to or covering the cervix.


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The condition is not very rare and is known to affect 1 in almost every 200 expectant mothers.

Some of the more common causes of the condition include a scarring of the uterine wall from a previous pregnancy, the presence of fibroids or other abnormalities of the uterus, history of uterine surgeries or cesarean deliveries. Excessive smoking is also known to be a contributing factor to the development of this condition. The major risk of the condition is hemorrhage or bleeding. In most cases, the bleeding will occur in the third trimester during the preparation for labor. This preparation causes the part of the placenta located over the cervix to bleed and the more of the placenta that covers the cervix, the greater the risk of bleeding. Some of the other complications include an infection after delivery, slowed fetal growth, birth defects or preterm birth.

Treatment For Placenta During Pregnancy

The correct treatment of placenta previa during pregnancy will depend significantly on factors like the amount of blood you are losing or whether your fetus has matured enough to survive an early delivery.

Whenever a mother is affected by placenta previa, the Cesarean section form of delivery is most effective way to reduce mother and infant death rates. It is essential that the expectant mother get some significant amount of bed rest, completely avoiding getting out of bed, if possible. Getting a lot of rest and eating well will provide the baby with the necessary nutrition to develop properly in the womb. When lying down, the mother can try placing a couple of pillows under the legs and knees. Acupuncture is known to be a good treatment option when dealing with placenta previa and, when the correct puncture points are activated, the placenta can move away from the opening of the uterus. Intercourse should be completely avoided during the pregnancy phase while exerting exercises or movement is also likely to have an adverse effect. Discuss all the implications of your exercise schedule with your doctor before you start one.

Placenta During Pregnancy
Placenta During Pregnancy
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