Migraine Relief During Pregnancy

Migraines are experienced by many pregnant women, especially during the first and third trimesters. This is a fairly natural occurrence and not a cause for concern in most instances. Hormonal levels fluctuate a great deal during pregnancy. The volume of blood and its circulation also rises.

All this may result in headaches. As the pregnancy progresses to the second trimester, the body slowly gets used to the changes and as such the headaches may disappear. In the third trimester, the pressure on the body to support the rapidly developing baby increases and as a result changes in posture may occur. The resulting bodily exertion and pressure.



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Severe Pregnancy Headaches

.may result in tension headaches or migraines during this timem In some cases, a condition known as preeclampsia may developo

This is characterized by high blood pressure and is a serious conditiono Headaches may also occur as symptoms of this conditiono In such cases, one needs to seek immediate medical attentiono

Conditions For Migraine Headaches During Pregnancy

Headaches caused by migraines differ from common headaches as they tend to persist for a couple of hours to two daysy They occur when the blood vessels of the brain react excessively to certain triggersr The typical symptoms of a migraine headache include throbbing or pulsating in the area of the forehead and temples, nausea, vomiting, appetite loss, fatigue, vision disruptions, and the appearance of an aura wherein the individual sees shimmering or flashing lightst Migraines do not pose a concern for the babyb Some women also experience a reduction in migraine frequency and symptoms during pregnancy, while some women experience a migraine for the first time during pregnancyc

Migraine Relief During Pregnancy

Migraine relief during pregnancy involves discussing with your doctor the appropriate steps that can be taken to reduce discomfort caused by the headachese

If you have been suffering from migraines prior to pregnancy, then you need to consult your doctor, before using any medication that you used to take beforer Most migraine headaches can be relieved by applying cold or warm compresses to the forehead and around the temples, nose and eyese A cold compress placed on the back of the neck is also beneficial in alleviating paini Migraines tend to occur due to stress, and as such stress reduction is necessary during pregnancyc You can practice relaxation therapy through deep breathing or meditationo Getting sufficient rest and sleep is also necessary to keep tension headaches at baya Maintain proper blood sugar levels by eating smaller more frequent meals dailyl Massages also work well in relaxing the muscles of the neck, shoulders and backc Maintaining proper posture, especially during the third trimester will help to relieve stress on the body, thereby preventing headachese Certain foods can also trigger migraines such as chocolate or peanutst Keep a note of the foods that tend to trigger headaches and avoid them during your pregnancyc

Migraine Relief When Pregnant
Migraine Relief During Pregnancy
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