What Causes Ovary Pain During Early Pregnancy

It is a well known fact that many women experience mild pain in the ovaries, when they go through ovulation. However, what a lot of women are not really aware of is that it is also possible to experience some amount of ovary pain during pregnancy.

In fact pregnant may notice pain in the abdominal area due to several reasons and one of them could be ovary pain during pregnancy. This may happen as a one off occurrence, which is felt only once, or a woman may notice ovary pain during pregnancy on more than one occasion.


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Any kind of abdominal pain during the course of pregnancy can cause a woman to get quite worried and ovary pain is no different. In fact, as soon as a woman experiences this, it is quite natural for her to consult her doctor, to known if ovary pain during pregnancy is normal and if it is, what its possible causes are.

What Causes Ovary pain during pregnancy?

There are many women who believe that left ovary pain during pregnancy is felt due to different reasons, as compared to right ovary pain during pregnancy. There could be several causes of ovary pain during pregnancy and a lot depends on when the pain is felt. Ovary pain during early pregnancy is usually the result of a problem that has gone undiagnosed previously, such as Poly-Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) or perhaps something else, that is quite serious.

In case this kind of pain is felt during the later stages of pregnancy, it can be attributed to round ligament pain, which is quite common and affects the entire uterine area. This occurs due to the growth and stretching of the uterus, to accommodate the growing baby.

In many cases where women have been through a c-section on a previous occasion, adhesions close to the scar tissues may be mistaken for ovary pain during pregnancy. There are several other factors that could be confused with ovary pain, in women who are pregnant. Other causes of similar pain may include

  • Gall bladder diseases or infections
  • Stones in the kidney or other renal problems
  • Infections in the bladder or the urinary tract system
  • Constipation
  • Appendicitis

Every single instance of ovary pain during pregnancy should be checked by a doctor immediately, as it could be an indication of serious problems, such as septic abortion, spontaneous abortion, ectopic pregnancy and uterine fibroids.

Ovary Pain During Pregnancy
Ovary Pain During Pregnancy
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