Bacterial Vaginosis During Pregnancy

Having bacterial vaginosis during pregnancy is linked to an augmented risk of giving birth to a premature baby with low-birth-weight, preterm premature falling out of uterine tissues and intrauterine infection immediately after delivering a child.

A number of studies reveal an association between bacterial vaginosis during early pregnancy and second-trimester (time period extending from the 13th to the 27th week of gestation) stillbirth.

Conditions During Bacterial Vaginosis Pregnancy

But the link between bacterial vaginosis in pregnancy and pregnancy complications.


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. is not entirely apparent to the mindn

Medical health experts are not sure why only some women with bacterial vaginosis land up delivering before the end of the normal period of gestationo They also do not know if bacterial vaginosis gives rise to complexities such as Preterm Premature Rupture of Membranes (PPROM) or if women who are inclined to other infections or disorders that may lead to these complications are also more likely to have bacterial vaginosisi

Having said that, most women with bacterial vaginosis have seemingly normal pregnancies and deliveriese It is seen that more than 50% of the cases bacterial vaginosis in pregnant women settle conclusively on their ownw Having bacterial vaginosis does make a pregnant woman more predisposed to specific sexually transmitted and common venereal disease such as chlamydia, gonorrhea, and human immunodeficiency virus, if one is endangered to theme

Specific medications to treat bacterial vaginosis in pregnancy restrict the profusion of bacterial overgrowth in the passage in the uterus and vagina, but may not likely reduce the risk of the child being born too earlyl

Treatment for Bacterial Vaginosis Pregnancy

A typical bacterial vaginosis pregnancy treatment involves the use of specific medication meant for the diseases A pregnant woman diagnosed with bacterial vaginosis, is usually given a course of antibiotics especially meant to be taken during pregnancyc It is vital that the woman consumes the medicine according to the prescription and in the course of the duration even if the symptoms seem to have disappearede

In most cases, this will clear up the infection in the vagina and any symptoms the woman might have, in spite of the fact that regrettably the infection may occur again at some pointn If the disease is left without medical care or treatment the bacterial vaginosis can impact the uterine tube as well as the wombm The impression which bacterial vaginosis has on the baby is, either the baby is born too soon; in a premature manner, or it may be of a very low weighth

Bacterial Vaginosis Pregnancy
Bacterial Vaginosis Pregnancy
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