Low Cervix During Pregnancy

Most pregnant women who are trying to conceive look for almost every sign of pregnancy, but fail to observe the position of their cervix. This is one of the most important signs that every pregnant woman must look for.

Your cervix undergoes many changes in pregnancy.

During pregnancy because of the progesterone hormone, your cervix softens and drops a little. When you reach around six weeks of pregnancy, you may feel that the cervix has almost disappeared. However, you will be able to notice these changes only if you have been aware of the original positioning of the cervix.


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Cervix Position and Pregnancy

For example, after your ovulation your cervix tends to rise a bit and even gets softer. The changes in the position of the cervix differ from woman to woman. Some women may experience a low cervix during pregnancy. This is not a medical issue and is caused due to genetic factors. See also friable cervix

Low Cervix During Pregnancy Causes

However, low cervix during pregnancy can also be caused because of uterine prolapse. In this case, the vagina slides down or falls from its normal position into the pelvic cavity, causing a low cervix position.

Your uterus is held in position with the help of uterine muscles, ligaments and other tissues. However, when your muscles and ligaments weaken due to any reason, the uterus drops into the pelvic cavity. This condition generally happens in women who already have one or more vaginal births. Aging and lack of estrogen are other factors that can lead to this condition.

Performing exercises like Kegels will help you strengthen the muscles and ligaments and get your uterus back in its original position. If the uterus is in place, the cervix will also be positioned right.

You can check the position of your cervix quite easily. A good time to check the position of your cervix is after you take a shower. Sit on a toilet seat or squat. Gently insert one or two fingers inside your vagina. You can feel your cervix located in the upper front portion. However, while doing this ensure that your finger nails are neatly trimmed and your hands are clean, otherwise you may end up bruising yourself or due to lack of cleanliness you may contract an infection.

In order to know about your cervical changes, you will need to give yourself at least a month’s time. However, if you feel that you are having a very low cervix during pregnancy, check with your doctor to ensure that it doesn’t cause any complications or discomfort.

Low Cervix During Pregnancy
Low Cervix During Pregnancy
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