Weekly Weight Gain During Pregnancy

Being pregnant does not mean that you can eat whatever you want and however much you want. If that is what you think being pregnant means, think again. If you end up bingeing on a lot of food and the wrong food, then losing weight after pregnancy will be very difficult.

It is important to eat right during pregnancy so that both you and your baby receive the right nutrition.

Exact Weight Gain During Pregnancy

Weight gain during pregnancy also depends on several factors like your height, age, and your pre pregnancy weight.


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Pregnancy Weight Gain Chart

Also, the weight will again vary if you are carrying twins or triplets. Remember that you need to consider the above factors before jumping to any conclusions. The week by week weight gain during pregnancy indicates how much nutrition your baby will receive. So what you eat is what your baby gets.

If you have been in a healthy weight range before your pregnancy, then ideally 25 to 30 pounds of weight gain throughout your entire pregnancy is the right amount. If you have been underweight before conceiving, then you need to gain somewhere between 28 to 40 pounds in your entire pregnancy. Lastly, if you have been overweight before conceiving, then you should gain somewhere between 11 to 20 pounds in your entire pregnancy.

If you are pregnant with twins or triplets, then a weight gain of 37 to 54 pounds is the ideal weight gain if you had a healthy weight range before pregnancy.

This figure increases to  31 to 50 pounds if you were underweight before conceiving and reduces to 25 to 40 pounds if you were obese.

If you end up gaining more than the ideal weight during pregnancy, then you are more likely to have a cesarean delivery as your baby will be too big to be delivered normally. Similarly, if you gain less than what you are supposed to, then you run the risk of having preterm labor pains and a premature delivery. This can cause a lot of health problems to the baby after delivery.

You need to understand that the extra weight gained during pregnancy can be shed easily after childbirth if you exercise regularly and monitor your diet. Gaining weight during pregnancy the right way is of utmost importance. So it is imperative that you eat right and follow your doctor’s instructions to a T for a safe and happy pregnancy and childbirth.

Pregnancy Weight Gain Chart
Weight Gain During Pregnancy Week By Week
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