What Causes Loss of Appetite During Pregnancy

The most commonly experienced symptom in pregnant women is loss of appetite during pregnancy. Although loss of appetite during pregnancy does not pose major risk, it can affect the mother and the baby in extreme cases. When it comes to what causes loss of appetite during pregnancy, morning sickness can be regarded as the main culprit for loss of appetite during pregnancy in the first trimester.

Nausea can make it impossible to even think of food for most women, suppressing the desire to eat considerably. However, it is a temporary problem and the expecting woman needs to eat food to provide nutrition for herself and the baby.


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Loss of appetite during pregnancy first trimester can be countered in simple ways. Eat smaller meals through the day, and you will feel better when some food is retained in the stomach. If you feel sick in the morning, eat later in the day, choosing healthy food options.

Loss of Appetite During Second Trimester

The second trimester is an important phase during pregnancy as most of the essential developments in the baby occur during this stage. Loss of appetite during pregnancy in the second trimester can be worrisome as nutrient supply to the fetus is important during this time. Loss of appetite during pregnancy in the second trimester occurs as the digestive system gets slower, due to the pressure of the growing uterus in the lower abdominal region. This leads to appetite loss and constipation. The increase in the hormone progesterone also contributes to the slowing down of the digestive process, and excess water is absorbed by the colon. With the increase in demand for iron for the growing fetus and placenta, there is possibility of constipation. These factors can cause loss of appetite during pregnancy.

Loss of Appetite During Third Trimester

Loss of appetite during pregnancy in the third trimester is possible in some women as the baby is growing faster and occupies more space than before. This can press the stomach reducing the appetite. There are easy ways to remedy to loss of appetite during pregnancy. Without forcing yourself to eat, take small nutritious meals whenever possible. This can reduce nausea. Drinking plenty of water and fruit juices also helps increase appetite. Ensure that your diet include green vegetables and foods that are rich in fiber as they help fighting constipation, which could be the cause for loss of appetite. Also, avoid heavy foods that can cause indigestion. Take note of your weight, and if your have constant loss of appetite, check with your doctor. This is important because continuous loss appetite during pregnancy can mean dehydration, lesser nutrients for the baby, and adverse effects on the baby’s growth and development.

Loss of Appetite In Pregnancy
Loss of Appetite During Pregnancy
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