A Quick Guide To Toddler Food

By Ashley | December 24, 2009
A Quick Guide To Toddler Food

A toddler’s growth begins to slow down after a year and he will start requiring less food. His appetite and the quantity of food he eats will differ with every meal. At this age toddlers also become more curious in their surroundings and their interest in food and eating reduces.

Toddlers between the ages of one and two years need just about a quarter or a half of an adult serving. Their appetite varies greatly and as such it is better if you first give him a smaller portion and then allow him to ask for more. Toddlers are also likely to eat very well at one meal and then eat less at the next one. This need not become a cause for worry as toddlers are able to properly judge the amount of food that they eat. They usually require just a couple of snacks along with meals during the day. Their stomachs are small and may not be able to accommodate bigger amounts of food at once. Offer toddlers various nutritious snacks between meals and feed him only when he is hungry. Milk and juice may be offered as snacks in moderate amounts as if the toddler drinks too much of it, he will not have the appetite for solid foods. Avoid giving him foods such as tea, coffee and fruit candy as they are of no nutritional value. Toddlers are likely to refuse many foods. Be patient during these times and allow him his space as he is likely to eat again only when he feels hungry. New foods must be introduced to toddlers one at a time. Serve each new food along with the other foods that he usually enjoys. Allow the child to experiment with the food by playing or touching it. Don’t force him to eat and don’t show disappointment if he does not eat. Be patient and try again the next time.

Certain tips may be kept in mind when feeding a toddler. Finger foods must be regularly offered to the child. Serve in small portions and offer more when he asks for it. Toddlers are more likely to accept simple food preparations without too much seasoning. Offer your child a variety of foods and allow him to select what he likes. Offer bite sized portions which are easy for a toddler to handle. Have the toddler sit with the rest of the family during meals and eat along with him as he is more likely to learn through observation of others.

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