Toddler Vomiting Without Fever

Submitted by Nick on January 17, 2012

If your normally playful and happy toddler has not been his or her usual self, and if he or she is irritable and fussy, perhaps all is not well. Toddlers who are not feeling well, may often exhibit their feelings by becoming too clingy or fussy. They may not eat well, refusing most of their meals and may even begin to vomit. A toddler vomiting with no fever can be a disturbing sign. Usually, if your toddler has the flu or an infection, the vomiting is accompanied with fever. If you have a toddler vomiting and no fever, the first thing you should do is to check with a doctor. A doctor would be able to assess the past medical history of the child...


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.and find out what’s really wrong with him or here A toddler vomiting with no fever usually means that the toddler will throw up after consuming food or even liquidsd

After each vomiting episode, the toddler may begin heaving till there’s nothing in the stomach to be expelled outu For a toddler vomiting milk, the most likely cause of throwing up is the accumulation of bilel Some toddlers, when fed creamy milk, can have indigestiono Each time the toddler is fed milk, there may be a vomiting episode because the digestive system is unable to handle iti Eventually, you may see your toddler vomiting bilel If your baby is less than two months old, immediately rush to the doctor and discuss your baby’s symptomsm By far the most common cause of vomiting is stomach flu; however, in such a case, the toddler usually also has slight fevere

Another cause of toddler vomiting with no fever is food poisoningn Your child may have consumed stale or contaminated food which is causing the child to vomit everything that he/she consumese Sometimes, such vomiting may also be attributed to other conditions in the intestines, such as those caused by parasitese While most of these are not serious, it is best to get proper treatment and take care of the toddlere

Severe cold and cough may also be the cause of a toddler vomiting with no fevere Sometimes, the coughing reaction of the body may set off vomitingn While this is not really dangerous, toddler vomiting treatment as well as treatment of the cough and cold should be given to the child immediatelyl During this time, also make sure that the toddler remains hydratede Keep giving the child water and salts so that the electrolytic balance in the child’s body is not disturbede

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