When is a child ready for potty training?

(July 8, 2010)

Potty Training Readiness

Potty training is considered a major hurdle, or in some cases a mystery, by many first-time parents. So how can you tell if your child is ready to be potty trained? Most doctors generally recommend that you potty train your child when he or she is between the ages of two to two and a half years, and in some cases, even three. Potty training is a skill which you have to teach your child. However, before he/she masters this skill there are some abilities that your child must have in place. Read on to find some top signs that will indicate that your child is ready for potty training.

•    Your child is able to walk and run well. This is important, as the urge to do potty is sometimes sudden in toddlers and it is important that they make it to the toilet in time.

•    Your child stays dry for about two hours or more. This means that the capacity of the bladder is increasing.

•    Your child can pull his/her pants down on his or her own. It is best that you use pants with elastic waistbands as they can easily be pulled up and down.

•    Your child is able to follow simple instructions that you give such as “sit on the potty”.

•    Your child’s attention span has developed. He or she is able to sit down and focus on an activity for several minutes without getting distracted.

•    Your child understands what a diaper is and signals to you by touching or pointing out to it. This means that he/she is also equipped to let you know when he/she wants to do potty.

•    Your child has tried sitting on the potty without removing his or her diaper and doesn’t seem to mind it.   

•    Your child displays pride on accomplishing things without any help.

•    Your child is interested in knowing what happens in the bathroom and comes to watch you while you are there.

•    Your child wakes up in the morning dry. When this happens for several mornings in a row it indicates that your child’s motor control abilities have improved and the process of potty training can work out successfully.

There is no need to worry if one or two of these behaviors are lacking in your child. If you find that your child exhibits at least five of these signs then it is high time you start potty training your child.

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