Different Types of Blisters in Toddlers

By Kieth | September 14, 2011
Blisters In Toddlers

Toddlerhood can be a very trying time for the parents. Toddlers are always exploring and getting into mischief. They also mingle with a lot of children from whom they can pick up all sorts of allergies and infections. Hence it can be said that dealing with blisters on toddlers is quite a common phenomenon. There are different types of blisters that can affect a toddler. These blisters on toddlers may be the result of an infection, an allergy or may just be a heat boil.  Sometimes a toddler may even be suffering from sunburn blister which can be treated with some simple home remedies. However determining the cause of a blister is not easy and may also not be accurate. It is always recommended that one seek medical advice for identifying the cause of the blister. It may even be infectious and may require the child to be on antibiotics and also quarantined away from other children.

There are some blisters that may appear to have a crust that is yellowish and these may be identified as school sores or impetigo. This particular infection can be very contagious and is visible as blisters on the toddlers face. There are also some other blisters that can be located inside the child’s mouth or on the lips or even blisters on the toddlers tongue. These types of blisters are known as cold sores. Cold sores are a herpes simplex virus and can be got by kissing or contact with an infected person.

There are some blisters that are visible all over the body of the child. Blisters on toddler’s feet or blisters on toddler’s hands or blisters on toddler’s bottom may be a sign of an infection like chicken pox. This condition is also very contagious and requires medical attention. Some of the first things to do in these cases are to ensure that the child is kept separate from other children. Next ensure that all the toys, bed linen, clothes and towels get sanitized and sterilized. Some of these blisters can be very painful or itchy and the child may be in a lot of discomfort, hence one should try and make the toddler as comfortable as possible. The doctor will most probably prescribe some kind of antibiotic cream. If the child is running a fever, then one can try putting a cold compress on the toddler’s head to bring the fever down.

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