What Causes Blisters On Toddler's Tongue and How To Treat Them

The tongue performs a variety of activities like tasting food, swallowing, and aiding in speech. There are tiny projections on the surface of the tongue known as papillae, each surrounded by a trench.

In each trench, there are several tiny clusters of cells. These clusters are sensitive to taste and are therefore, termed as taste buds.

Reasons for Blisters on Toddler's Tongue


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Reasons for Blisters on Toddler's Tongue

Blisters and sores on the tongue can be due to many reasons. In the case of babies and toddlers, tongue blisters may be caused by any of the following reasons:

  • The most common reason for the formation of red spots or blisters on a toddler’s tongue is strain on the tongue. Sometimes, the toddlers may bite their tongue while eating or when they have fallen asleep. The abrasion caused by cut may result in the formation of a blister on the tongue of your toddler.
  • An injury from a burn caused by hot food or liquids is another cause of tongue blisters in toddlers.
  • Allergic reactions to a specific food product or some medicine may also cause blisters on the tongue.
  • A fungal or bacterial infection can also cause the appearance of blisters on the tongue.
  • Oral herpes or herpes simplex virus attacks can cause small red color blisters on your toddler's tongue which become very painful.
  • Tongue blisters in toddlers can also be caused by Hand foot and mouth disease, which is very common at this age.

  • A deficiency of vitamin B complex or Folic Acid can be another reason for the appearance of blisters on the tongue.

Treatment for Toddler Tongue Blisters

Whether the blister is caused due to an infection or otherwise, you can always take the remedial actions listed below:

  • Give your child cold milk, water, and diluted juice at regular intervals.
  • Avoid using a feeding bottle and use a spoon to feed the fluid diet instead. Sucking the nipple of the bottle can be very uncomfortable when there are blisters on the tongue.
  • As a home remedy, apply a little tea tree oil on the affected area of the tongue. Tea tree oil is an excellent antimicrobial agent that has the ability to work on bacteria, fungi and viruses equally well. Applying this oil three times a day will ensure that the infection does not spread.

If you find blisters on your toddler's tongue and feel that it's not because of any injury or a self inflicted bite, consult your pediatrician.

Tongue Blisters In Toddlers
Toddler Tongue Blisters
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