Treating Warts in Toddlers

Warts are a contagious skin condition in which benign growths appear on the skin. They are contagious because they are caused by a virus called the human papillomavirus or HPV. This virus finds its way into the keratinocyte cells of epidermis and because of the nature of this layer of cells, never ends up going deeper into the skin.

A toddler wart is usually an indication that the child is in contact with another child with a wart and therefore there is cause for alarm. The virus requires some kind of injury to ensure embedding into a keratinocyte cell.

Conditions During Warts in Toddlers


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Warts in toddlers can usually be on any part of the body like the base of the foot and the limbs. This is because these are usually the most common areas of injury. An interesting thing about a wart is that the level of injury required has to be minute and not so severe that it causes clotting of blood. This is because the virus sneaks past the immune system through a tiny tear on the skin rather than a full-blown wound. This is the reason why most of the warts on toddlers are treated with medicines that actually cause a more severe injury or alert the immune system to the infection.

There are topical treatments for toddler warts as well, which consist of the use of salicylic acid in a highly concentrated form. Salicylic acid is a plant derived extract that is commonly used in acne treatments.

This is because it breaks down surface skin protein and combined with an abrasive action with pumice can actually eliminate the affected keratinocytes. More severe warts that cause a larger growth of tissue like a mushroom are best treated by surgery. This surgery involves electric cauterization where a wire is coiled around the base of the growth and the entire structure is burned off along with any supporting tissue beneath it. This is the most guaranteed way to ensure that a wart is eliminated and does not return.

Treatment for Warts in Toddlers

Some of the other treatments include the use of interferon inducing medicines. Interferon is one of the substances that are released by damaged cells to alert the immune system to attack and repair; it is one of the substances that form the substances called cytokines. Yet another treatment is the use of a substance that actually causes necrosis; however, this is not yet approved for use in the States.

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Toddler Warts
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