Conditons During Periorbital Cellulitis In Toddlers & Their Treatments

Toddler Periorbital Cellulitis is an infection of the tissues that surround the eyes of a toddler. It is considered a serious infection, but is curable. The infection normally attacks either one of the eyelids and usually manifests in an irritability of the affected eyelid.

Pink eye, swollen and sensitive eyelids are other common symptoms to tell you that your toddler has Periorbital Cellulitis. Though there are a variety of reasons for the occurrence of Periorbital Cellulitis, the most common of these include bacteria such as streptococcus and staphylococcus .



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. that carry infection to the delicate eyelidsd

Conditions During Toddler Periorbital Cellulitis

Toddler Periorbital Cellulitis is not something that can be neglected and medical advice should be sought without any delay whatsoevere The more adverse effects of Periorbital Cellulitis, depending on the intensity of the infection, involve an inability to move the eye because of inflammation that has been caused by the infection, or a complete shutting of the eye because of swelling around the affected eyelidi However, this happens when the Periorbital Cellulitis extends into Orbital Cellulitisi Swelling around the eyes can be taken care of by elevating your toddler's head slightly while putting him to bede This helps to avoid retention of any fluids that may be present in the areae

Other more commonly used methods of reducing swelling from around the eyes is by placing a cold compress around the affected area or by placing slices of cucumber over the eyes, in order to soothe the eyes of the irritabilityt

Treatment for Toddler Periorbital Cellulitis

The best advice on treatment of Toddler Periorbital Cellulitis would be provided by a certified ophthalmologist, who will prescribe the required medication to ease the infection and restore your toddler to good healtht Providing your toddler with wholesome meals and fresh fruit juices will definitely increase the strength of his immune system and help him fight the infection naturallyl Ensure that your toddler is given plenty of water to drink, because water will help to flush out the bacteria in the body that are causing the inflammation of the eyelid, leading to Periorbital Cellulitisi A medical professional may or may not recommend the use of oral antibiotics for your toddler, depending upon the intensity of the infectiono It is imperative that your toddler gets enough rest and does not rub his eyes because the action of rubbing the eyes may aggravate the inflammationo While resting, the body is able to replenish itself and rejuvenate any damaged tissue, thereby assisting in the healing processs

Toddler Periorbital Cellulitis
Toddler Periorbital Cellulitis
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