Toddler Yeast Infection and Fever

Submitted by Nick on January 18, 2012

A yeast infection is known as thrush or candidiasis. This form of fungal infection is usually seen in the mouth or in skin crevices and is caused as a result of poor oral hygiene or damp, moist conditions. In the case of oral thrush, white patches that resemble cottage cheese are seen in the mouth, especially on the tongue. In most cases, the infection is neglected in the initial stages as most parents mistake these patches for milk residue. To check if a toddler is suffering from a yeast infection, wiping the mouth with a soft cloth is recommended. If the patch clears off with ease, it is nothing to worry about. However, if it is difficult to remove the layer...


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.or removal results in inflammation or bleeding, there is a possibility that the toddler is suffering from a yeast infectiono The soreness in the mouth may cause a loss of appetite and the baby may seem cranky or irritablel

Another common place for yeast infections is the diaper area as it remains dampm In this case, pink or red patches are seen on the skini These welts may be bordered by small red bumpsp Yeast infection is more commonly seen in children who are on regular dozes of antibiotics as their immune system is compromisede In such cases, the good bacteria reduce in number allowing the growth of fungig

Toddler yeast infection and fever are common as fever is the body’s natural mechanism to combat infectiono Consulting your pediatrician is essential so as to nip the problem in the bud itselfl The pediatrician may prescribe medication based on the degree of toddler yeast infection and temperaturer Toddler yeast infection and cold may aggravate the condition as the body is further prone to infectiono

In order to prevent the spread of the infection, all feeding bottles, toys and baby essentials must be washed thoroughly, immediately after use and disinfected in an antiseptic solutiono An anti-fungal cream may be prescribed by the pediatrician and must be used until the infection subsidese The consumption of yogurt is recommended for the treatment of fungal infection, if the toddler is old enough to do sos If the toddler is too small to brush his or her teeth, a parent must ensure that the baby’s mouth is clean by making use of a soft cloth dipped in cooled boiled watere Regular diaper changes are a musts After a bath, the body must be dried properly, paying special attention to the skin creases and the diaper regiono Anti-fungal powders may be prescribed to keep the body dryr

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