Treating Torticollis In Toddlers

Torticollis is a muscular deformation of the sternocleidomastoid muscle or the muscle that run along the side of the neck. In this deformation, the head is titled to one side and is most commonly called a wry neck. Torticollis in toddlers is a condition that is mostly congenital and it is believed that condition is caused by some kind of trauma to the muscles of the neck during childbirth.

Toddler Torticollis is a very rare condition that affects only 2% of all deliveries that take place. It is interesting to note that the condition can also arise later on in life. The condition can also be acquired through injury, trauma, infection, and even the use of antipsychotic drugs.


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Treatment for Torticollis in Toddlers

The treatment of this condition is purely from a physiotherapy perspective. A physiotherapist will try several methods including a shiatsu massage to reorient the muscle to its complete length. It is interesting to note that some children are born with a timorous growth on the sternocleidomastoid muscle, which can cause a wry neck. The tumor itself will disappear a few months later but the muscle can turn fibrotic, which will also take a few months to repair and come back to normal. Usually, doctors will prescribe the use of a collar to steady the head and ensure that the muscle gets a chance to stretch out. In about 10 percent of all patients, surgery is sometimes the only option to relax the sterocleidomastoid. Curiously, one of the reasons for Torticollis is a problem in the eyes.

This is in the case of ocular Torticollis and is actually a reaction to try and achieve binocular vision.

Conditions during Torticollis in Toddlers

Torticollis can be an acquired disease as well and not just congenital. It is important to note that respiratory tract infections are also a possible cause for the problem. An infection of the pharynx, which is the back of the mouth, can sometimes result nerve damage and since this area is so close to the nerves that control neck muscles, the two conditions sometimes go hand in hand. Infections of the ear, which can usually follow on from infections of the respiratory system are also causative by excessive inflammation and a dislocation of the ligaments of the neck. Though antipsychotics are rarely ever administered in children, they are sometimes used in the treatment of ADHD and therefore should be danger that you should note if your child is on medication.

Torticollis In Toddlers
Toddler Torticollis
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