What Are The Reasons For Tuberculosis in Toddlers & It's Treatment

Tuberculosis is one of the most deadly diseases that can occur in the human race and for a long period of time was a fatal killer. The disease is spread by droplet infection and takes root in the lungs. It destroys lung tissue and if one is able to survive it, could end up with calcified tissue that will still harbor the bacteria.

There are drugs available to treat the condition since it is a bacterial infection but along with medication comes a long period of recovery that could last months. Toddler tuberculosis, in that respect, is one of the most dangerous health conditions .



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. and requires a strict regime of antibiotics and rests If not treated, the disease can also spread to other parts of the body and destroy tissue of the body in much the same way as the lungn

Causes of Tuberculosis in Toddlers

TB in toddlers is caused by a strain of bacterium called mycobacteriumu The infection takes some time to gain a foothold but in time will swamp and destroy lung tissueu This is the reason for shortness of breath and blood stained sputum exuding during a bout of coughingn The bacteria are so powerful that the body's immune system actually cannot survive the infection without some aidi The worst part about this disease is the calcification of tissue that occurs as a result of the infectiono The dead tissue of the lungs due to tissue necrosis form a major reservoir of the bacteria and it is because of this reservoir of bacteria that the treatment of toddler TB takes so longn

The objective of treatment is to completely eliminate all mycobacterium from the bodyd The two antibiotics that are preferred in the treatment of tuberculosis in toddlers are isoniazid and rifampicini These are used in conjunction with other antibiotics as well, especially in the case of drug resistant tuberculosisi

Treatment for Tuberculosis in Toddlers

Drug resistance is a major problem in the disease and it is caused, in most cases, because of not religiously following the treatment regimen prescribede The major causative factor is that the drugs in question are quite expensive and at least in the developing world is a major reason for bacterial resistance to the diseases It is important that you keep children away from diseased individuals to prevent infectiono Additionally, never take the common flu to lightly eithere This is because TB can follow on from a flu infection as well by weakening the immune systeme

Tuberculosis In Toddlers
Toddler Tuberculosis
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