Causes of Tick Bites In Toddlers & Treatment

Ticks are a form of ectoparasites that one normally associates with household pets like dogs and cats; however, these insects are also capable of attacking humans since they fundamentally just require blood to survive. Getting bitten by a sterile tick does not cause any problems but the fact is that most ticks are reservoirs of disease themselves.

Children and toddlers are especially susceptible to tick bites because of long periods spent outdoors and being in contact with animals. Toddler tick bites can cause some serious diseases like Lyme disease Colorado tick fever, Rock Mountain spotted fever, relapsing fever, babesiosis, encephalitis, meningoencephalitis, tularemia, and other diseases.


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Most of these diseases are not fatal if treated early because most of these are caused by bacteria and protozoa with the exception of Colorado Tick Fever which is caused by a virus.

One major word of caution is required here. While most adults are used to popping painkillers like acetylsalicylic acid and ibuprofen during a fever, this is extremely dangerous in children below the age of ten and can cause serious neurological damage. Therefore, drugs like paracetamol should be used instead.

Reasons for Tick Bites in Toddlers

Tick bites in toddlers can occur in nearly any part of the body but the most prominent area is on the scalp due to the presence of hair where the tick can hide. A toddler with a tick bite should be observed for a few days for the signs of fever and malaise and once this happens should be rushed immediately to a doctor. Most of the diseases that have been described above can only be treated with heavy-duty antibiotics like tetracycline, doxycycline, and sometimes the TB antibiotic rifampicin.

Ensuring that your toddler does not get bitten by a tick starts with ensuring that all household pets are tick-free. A chat with your local vet will reveal some of the steps that you can take in this regard. For families that live in rural settings, it is worth noting that chickens and guinea fowl are extremely efficient at ridden acres of fields of ticks.

Treatment for Tick Bites in Toddlers

Removing a tick is a tricky affair since just pulling one out without a though can leave the mouth parts behind and this is dangerous. The best way out is to rub some petroleum jelly over the insect and wait for it to detach itself. Chili paste is also useful in this respect along with garlic. Once the tick falls off, you should destroy it with fire and never squash the bug.

Tick Bites In Toddlers
Toddler Tick Bites
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