Signs Of Eczema In Toddler & Remedies

Is a worrisome experience to find little red patches on your child's skin and it's even more worrisome when those patches increase in size and number. You may have to accept the fact that your toddler has eczema.

Now, as parents you'd like to believe that if you had seen it earlier or taken more care when the skin was just dry and red, you could have prevented it.

But the fact remains that prevention or the causes of eczema are related to the toddler's diet and in quite a few cases genetic. So, if you or your spouse had eczema as children then your toddler runs a high risk of being affected too. The good news is, eczema reduces with age and most often is completely gone by the time your child is six.


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Even though it's genetic, knowing the symptoms could help you ensure that the extent of eczema is limited to certain areas of your toddler's body and that you can keep the red, itchy, scaly skin to a minimum.

Symptoms of eczema in toddlers

It may not be immediately noticeable, but the first signs of eczema usually appear on the scalp or behind the ears, after which they spread to the face, trunk, neck, elbows, ankles, hands and back of the knees.

The eczema will appear as a tiny red bump, or sometimes a small patch of red rash, which your toddler will constantly try to scratch because it itches. In most cases, eczema patches are dry and scaly but sometimes the bumps or boils, either because of inflammation or because of repeated scratching could even become moist and pus filled.

Other symptoms include increased blisters, dry skin, your toddler's continuous scratching, yellow crusted boils, and increased patches of red itchy rashes across the body. If you spot any of the above, consult a doctor immediately and get a prescription for a lotion or ointment to apply on the infected areas.

Besides this, the doctor will be able to help you figure out a trigger for the eczema. Usually it's a food item that causes the allergic reaction. It could also be allergens like pollen or pet fur.

If your toddler's skin is showing early signs of eczema then clothing material like wool or linen or even polyester should be avoided as these aggravate the problem.

Remedy for Eczema in Toddlers

The simple remedy to cure eczema is to keep your toddler's skin moisturized at all times. It also helps if the toddler is dressed in loose fitting cotton clothes. Bathing at this time should not be too frequent and should only be in lukewarm water. Only use soaps that are specifically meant for children with this condition. Bath oils too are very helpful. Other precautions include keeping your toddler's nails trimmed, minimizing contact with a pet, if there is one in the house, and in general keeping your house as dust-free as possible. All these are measure that will definitely help reduce your baby's eczema.

Symptoms Of Eczema In Toddlers
Toddler Eczema Symptoms
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